Pro Trump conference at his Miami resort features video fantasy of the President mass murdering his critics

I would say this is insane, but given the current climate it’s basically your average weekend news dump concerning this administration. A video featured at the conference of pro-Trump group American Priority shows Donald Trump’s head superimposed on the body of someone as he attacks critics inside the “Church of Fake News”.

It shows him brutally beating, stabbing, and murdering people with faces of his chief critics or logos of media organizations he routinely attacks. “Black Lives Matter” is seen being shot in the head. CNN is stabbed through the forehead with a stake. Numerous other figures from James Comey to Mika Brzezinski to Barack Obama are seen fleeing or being attacked.

This conference was attended by multiple high profile Republicans, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Donald Trump Jr.

I’m sure this will just be seen as another reason to laugh for those whose main goal in life is “owning the libs”, but it’s another grotesque escalation and promotion of violence by people who have consistently raised the bar in that area in recent years. This isn’t some random loser on the Internet. This is occurring at pro Trump conferences at a Trump owned resort with the President’s own son in attendance.

Edit: For those having paywall issues with the New York Times link, you can also find the story here.


This actually has potential to be really funny.

These ■■■■■ are dangerous and insane. The Jim Jones cult members (those attending the conference) had nothing on these pieces of ■■■■■

SHS said she didn’t see it? I believe her. :thinking:


It’s essentially the mass murder scene from The Kingsman.

I revise my assessment. This movie is definitely funny and I await its emergence on the internet.

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Another copyright infringement?

Wish I could read the article. Even incognito won’t let me in to read it.

Just in case people aren’t able to access the NY Times because if their stupid paywall.

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Be best, y’all!

Kingsman is a great movie… sucks that this scene was ruined by the sick video.

Why is this ok?

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what if obama group had done this …


These people.

I can’t even…

Liberal tears…etc etc.

But yeah, it’s impossible to even imagine the reaction had say, Robert Gibbs and Michelle Obama attended a conference showing a video of Barack pretending to mass murder Republican politicians, Fox News pundits, and talk radio hosts. We never would have heard the end of it.

Remember when many trump supporters lost their minds when Kathy Griffin posted that pic? This is just as bad, if not worse…where’s their outrage?


Trump supporters worship fairy tale action movie tough guys.


BTW, Trump jr. also spoke at this event which was held at one of trump’s properties.

And yet, Donnie is a fat-bellied old orange-skinned crappy looking bald weakling.

These people.

CNN has released a statement after being involved in yet another instance of people in Trump’s orbit, or Trump himself, promoting violence against them.

The origin of this vile video.