Pro life doesnt care about kids after the moment of birth

a recent study looked at the states that have recently passed major abortion restrictions and compared them to infant mortality rates.

what a surprise,thge states restricting abortion have the highest infant mortality rates.

more evidence that pro life doesnt care about a child after the moment of birth

The lefts obsession with killing unborn humans is really odd! Goes along with their history of mass death in socialism with over 100 million disarmed and killed just last century and we have to add millions in unborn children just from our countries history.


Killing millions before birth no doubt prevents those babies from dying after birth. Allowing millions to live to birth will mean more will die after birth. That is hardly surprising. There in no guarantee that all children born will survive into childhood. That logical statistical expectation seems a rather weak argument for killing most of them before birth.

One side doesn’t care before the child is born.

One side doesn’t care after the child is born.


Do you know what the word “rate” means?


Are you having trouble understanding the concept of “rate” in data and statistics?

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The left tends to support programs that help women who are pregnant and wish to keep the baby and support programs to help mother and child after birth.

The right typically could care less as long as the woman does her job as an incubator. The lack of support for programs to help mother and child and high infant mortality rates in red states shows why it is hypocritical for anti abortionists to be called pro life.


Water is wet.
The sky is blue.
What other obvious observations should we make today?

The proper term should probably be pro-birth.

using the latest statistics the number if pregnancies that end in abortion is under 20%
thats hardly most…

in addition 75% of abortions are performed on low income people.
how much more in taxes per year are you willing to pay to support those poor women who cant afford another child.
and before you mention adoption,there are millions of kids in foster care so adoption isnt tgeh answer…

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If pro-lifers are “pro-birthers,” a derogatory term, then pro-choicers are “pro-murderers.” They both have the same accuracy of describing the respective positions.

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Except abortion isn’t murder.


As to the OP, I wouldn’t be so sure. There are many pro-lifers, including myself, that want to adopt. The problem is, adoption in the U.S. is so expensive, and is a long, drawn-out process. I think that if adoption was made cheaper, then we’d see a reduction in the number of kids in state care, as well as see a drop in the number of abortions. If the adopter parents would look after the health and the expenses of the mother of the child, like they do with surrogate mothers, there would also be a reduction in the number of abortions.

A lot of abortions are the result of some failed beliefs and systems within the government, and they need to be dispelled. More attention needs to be put on alternative options to abortion as well.


Except it technically is.

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Please explain how abortion isn’t murder. Murder is the intentional act of ending another being’s life. Science has proven that life starts at conception.

18 U.S. Code § 1111. Murder

(a) Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. (Rest snipped for brevity)

Notice the bold part there? Seeing as how abortion is legal in every state … well as I said. Abortion isn’t murder.

That’s…a false equivalency. And I think the term means something other than what you think it means, or it doesn’t support your argument very well. Your post is also focusing on one word, and not the entire sentence.

It also says that it is the unlawful killing of a human being. A fetus, an embryo, a morula, even a zygote- those are all human beings, in their earliest development stage. Abortion ends their life.


Also, abortion isn’t legal in every state- there are states with restrictions, and states with outright bans. So why is it legal in some states, and not the others, if it is decided that abortion is murder?

That’s a lot of words to try and make up laws for “murder” that don’t exist.

As I have always said, just because it is legal, does not mean it is moral. Slavery used to be legal, and it is not moral.

Murder is a legal term.