PRIMARY DAY: Here’s What You Need to Know About Today’s Races

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The potential “blue wave” or possible “red tide” begins to take shape Tuesday as thousands of Americans head to the polls in eight states to decide the fate of candidates hoping to earn their party’s nomination.


The most anticipated races are taking place in California, where the state’s chaotic “jungle” primary -a system where the top-two finishers proceed to the general election despite party affiliation- could set the stage where no Democrats or Republicans advance to the main contest in 2018.

The “jungle” process could also send two Democrats to the general election in California’s race for governor, where former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom leads the pack of potential candidates.

The primary will also likely send two Democrats to the big show for the state’s Senate race, with Sen. Dianne Feinstein expected to face-off against a slew of potential left-leaning legislators.

Other hot-button races include Senate candidates in Montana as well as New Mexico’s governor.

Democrats need to turn 23 Republican-controlled House seats to retake control in the 2018 midterms, that journey starts today.

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