Price Controls (Just like Venezuela tried)

Nixon’s price and wage freezes, along with devaluation of the dollar led to stagflation in the 70s. what Pelosi wants will collapse domestic supply, just like what happened in Venezuela.


The only major outlier seems to be the failure of the government to disarm the public.


That was nominal there. Chavez resupplied his side.

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Not quite happening here.


Defending Venezuela policy.

You just have to see it to believe it.

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We have an entire fresh supply of advocates from the region with thousands more arrivals every day.

Biden supports human trafficking.

the leftists that control the house have more in common with venezuela


I accept the surrender

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Or… it might be more along the lines of 1970’s US… not Venezuela.

All I am saying is compare like to like.

Where am I doing that?

What I am pushing back on is the idea that the US economically has anything in common with Venezuela

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So… is it because we have brown people that we are going to end up like Venezuela?

Where? What do they have in common?

What pieces of legislation have they passed that is going to make us like Venezuela?

The 1970s issue was external. This, not so much.

Cons and their monsters under the bed.
When a party has nothing to run on, they need fear…fear of the other, fear of scary words like Marxism.

It works.

Ask Mr. Orban.

Low, low information.

Then actually compare like to like. Freezing wages and prices (what Nixon did) are not the same as dictating below cost pricing (what happened in Venezuela and what Peolsi is proposing). I’m starting to think you didn’t do well at “one of these things is not like the other.”


Agreed…most cons perpetually thrive on low, low info.

It works.

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In what world is freezing prices not dictating a below market price?

Once again… I don’t think that it is a good idea and that it is the wrong move… but it isn’t going to lead us to being like Venezuela.

They are… they are going to Hungary right now.

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No, it’s you.