Price Controls (Just like Venezuela tried)

So Queen Nancy thinks price controls can solve the high price of gasoline. The government will just declare the price your local station can sell fuel at. Then the price that the refiners can sell to the stations at. Then the price foreign nations can charge the US refiners…Except she can’t control the world spot price. So no foreign oil will flow to the US and supplies will fall. Then supply chain and economic activity crater and bingo you have Venezuela on the Potomac.

Nancy Pelosi’s gas price controls will only make the pain at the pump worse


Why are price controls associated with Venezuela and not Nixon?

A nice long line at the gas station. Hopefully it will still be open after you wait an hour. Does Pelosi really want that for Nov? Maybe she knows Republicans would block it and she can claim they caused inflation.


Because his attempt was only for 90 days, and when it didn’t work it wasn’t repeated. The socialist government in Venezuela is still trying to make it work, even though it destroyed their economy.

And Nixon froze price changes, he didn’t dictate the selling prices.


Didn’t work for him either.


The point is… why not compare it to when it was tried in the US?

Why the knee jerk to Venezuela?

The US under the Nixon administration has much much much more in common with the US in 2022 than Venezuela ever will.

True… so why not talk about that?

Because Nixon is dead and not around asking for price controls?

Who do we as a nation in 2022 have more in common with?

Nixon or Venezuela?

Venezuela, complete with a similar electorate, we have much more in common with South America than Europe.




What the what now?

Because Pelosi isn’t talking about price freezes, she is talking about ordering lower prices by government mandate, exactly what happened in Venezuela. I am not going to discuss apples when the issue involves rotten tomatoes.


Try looking at demographics.

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That is price controls.

Look… I think it will fail and it is a terrible move politcally.

It won’t lead to Venezuela.

It will more likely lead to 1979 USA

Please… Go on

Not just. Look at what happened to Venezuela’s supreme court, police, etc.


Not rocket science, our electorate looks far more like south America than Eu demographically. Might have something to do with tens of millions of South American immigrants

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Oh really… show me the numbers.

Educate yourself, not my problem.