Preview of Bolton's book

SCOOP on Bolton’s unpublished manuscript: Trump told Bolton that he wanted $391 million in aid to Ukraine frozen until officials there helped with investigations into the Bidens, manuscript says By

Oooh. That’s bad. Right?


Sounds bad to me. I’ll wait for other’s to say why it’s just fine.

Pfft. John the never trumper lib Bolton.


and they will.


You don’t say?

I’d say that was…IMPEACHABLE…

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McConnell’s resistance to Bolton testifying is obvious. It would make it harder for Republicans to pretend there is no evidence of abuse of power if Bolton were heard. So let’s stick with the script and do everything possible to hide the truth from the American people.


It would be for most, but Lindsey Graham says that in Trump’s mind, what he does isn’t wrong. Paraphrased a little, but I think Graham would extend the excuse to most of what Trump does/did.

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This thread wont last long

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Should we make Lindsay Graham’s standard apply to all alleged criminal behavior. It would allow us to greatly reduce government spending on incarceration.

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Why not?

Oh no. Just to Trump. He’s basically a king.

But people will remember
Come the election in November

Not even to members of the royal family?

Because it ruins their whole narrative on trump that the dems are making ■■■■ up to affect an election.

This is why you saw a shift to he did it but it’s not illegal because of this. It’s the same as the Mueller barr memo.

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Meh…I doubt it

They would never do anything criminal, I’m sure.

no it isnt

You are nothing if not consistent.


Yes, “in Trump’s mind”. That is probably true.

Let’s get Trump and his disordered mind out of office.