Pressure mounts on Supreme Court to reconvene virtually

I agree with the polls sentiments and there is nothing stopping the Supreme Court from conducting business, other than their own obstinacy.

I realize they don’t want to set a precedent for televised proceedings, but that ultimately may be taken out of their hands altogether.

The Supreme Court needs to get back to work and knock out their March and April calendars.

Here is how they do it:

  1. Set up the necessary closed circuit camera and other equipment in either the Justices homes or chambers.

  2. Set up closed circuit receivers for the Supreme Court’s Marshal, Clerk and transcriptionist in the Supreme Court’s Courtroom. Set up closed circuit audio/video for the press in the Supreme Court’s Great Hall, which would be open to the press but closed to the public for the proceedings.

  3. Set up audio/video in the Federal Circuit’s Courtroom, which would be designated for Petitioner’s counsel.


  1. Set up audio/video in the DC Circuit’s Courtroom, which would be designated for Respondent’s counsel.

  1. Each Justice would be able to see the arguing counsel (only one argues at a time). If a Justice interjects to ask a question of counsel, the other 8 Justices would see that Justice. Counsel would see all 9 Justices, with any Justices asking a question highlighted. The Supreme Court Clerk, Marshal and transcriptionist would see images and audio of all nine Justices and arguing counsel and the press would have the same image and audio.

  2. Argument audio, but not the video, would be made public as usual at the end of the week during which the cases were argued. Argument transcripts are typically available on the Supreme Court’s website the same afternoon as arguments.

This arrangement would protect the Justices, court staff and counsel, but would provide an open and public process. The Justices should implement it and argue ALL the original scheduled cases during the October 2019 Term, which runs until September 30, 2020.

I’m sorry but I’m not buying into this virtual world that people are pushing.

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I am not either.

Ripe for security issues and abuse.

They can get back to work like everyone else.

The hospitals have been rescued.

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Why shouldn’t the proceedings be televised?

I don’t see any problems with going this route if that is what it takes to get them back to work.

And there are no security issues here. Oral arguments are already public record. Nothing to compromise.

I do think the Supreme Court should have video coverage, but not live video coverage. Hold the audio/video to the end of the week, to prevent the use of “soundbites” which may or may not be played in their proper context.

I worry about taking the human element out of it.

Whether we like it or not their is certain amount of that is needed.

Call it passion. call it what every you want. Once tat element is taken out you create other problems.

For every action their is reaction and unintended consequences.

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I want it live.