Presidential Science


Come on California… Smoky Bear wants YOU to prevent forest fires…

“Must also tree clear”

I cannot wait until we have a President who can speak in complete sentences again.

Make America Speak In Compete Sentences Again!


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Best reply to his tweet so far…



Somebody grab that man by the twitter.:sunglasses:

Not even Melania should be forced into that.

Let’s just agree on “ewww”.

Hell, even my son knows from Scouts that not letting occasional natural fires clear deadfall just makes fires worse in the long run… and some trees require fire to make their seeds viable.

And what does Mr. Golf Course Agronomy know about “properly utilizing” water?

“[water] is being diverted into the Pacific”

No, the Pacific is where it would go if folks left it alone.

My first inclination would be to treat this as Tump’s version of a 57 state moment. But, listening to Trump’s pronouncements, we’re already up over 5700 states.

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Not even the most ardent Trumpist would contend that science is Donald’s strong suit.

Well, maybe Alfie. :wink:

Remember, Trump is one of them.

And yet… it’s strangely understandable.

Just because he has given us enough practice at deciphering his gibberish doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect him to figure out basic English.

But anything to defend him, right?

Maybe Trunp is not as racist as people here.

Nor as sexist

Be good little libbies and toe the line now. Simon says good English is bad. Take two steps back.

You could be correct…he may not be. Nothing he said in that tweet points either way though.

You might have a point if Trump were using ebonics or was being intentionally bad at grammar. Neither of those things is going on here.

There is a world of difference between allowing the occasional “y’all” into a work document and completely ignoring the subject/predicate dynamic of language.

Just because you might invite your homie over to the hizzouse for some spades and 40’s doesn’t mean it has a place in functional conversation outside of said hizzouse.

It’s the highly stupid form of Newspeak.

Proper English is racist.

Nope… it is just not PC.

Get the story straight.

Trump is always so eager to show what a complete idiot he is, while his like-minded supporters cheer.

Why would you listen to mamby pamby PC intellectuals?