President Trump vows to declassify the FISA request

I hope it happens soon. Don’t you?

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Any day now.

Yawn…we’ve been waiting for two plus years.


I Agree. But I would not have been a good idea to do it before Mueller was finished. Will he move now? We’ll see.

“One of the reasons that my lawyers didn’t want me to do it is they said, if I do it, they will call it a form of obstruction…”

Time to do it now.

That would’ve been the best time to it. :rofl:

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Put up or shut up time

Trump is just noisy. That’s worked for him his entire life.



But I’m pretty sure we have different reasons for wanting it.


He won’t do it. he’ll back out and say it’s better for the country to not declassify it or some ■■■■■■■■■

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Pretty sad that we can predict what fat donald is going to do.


a month later and still no FISA documents.

Here’s the real question.

Does anyone think Trump has actually read the FISA applications?

Do we know that he can read?


wait… you mean the democrats and their monkey see monkey do media would claim “obstruction” over every little action he takes?

Mueller already covered this

so did the AG

ohh careful! dont take the bait!!!

Lol someone is falling for this again!

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Does anyone really trust the AG?

Some people are calling him a liar.

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He’s the Executive. He could have done it last night.

He’s a liar and a grifter.

He’s not lying to me, or grifting me.

I know he’s not going to do it and I’m not slurping it up and making excited posts about it.

Sad, really.