President Trump turns up the heat against the media after bombs sent

This dude is low class. He simply doesn’t have the ability to bring the nation together during a terrorist attack like yesterday. And he’ll make it worse in the coming months.

Sir. Stop talking. You’re a huge part of the problem.

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Low class doesn’t even begin to describe it. He’s a waste of irredeemable human garbage and until he’s in the trash can of History, America will only get worse.

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Trump is a sociopath



If the media would just stop reporting the truth about Trump’s lies and horrible behavior he would be able to stop calling them an enemy of the people and praising attacks against them.


dimocrats and the media have zero responsibility for hateful political rhetoric. It’s all donald trump.

He invented it and holds the patent.

You people are incapable of telling the truth. I just watched a segment of morning joke where an emotional (when isn’t she emotional) mika was doing everything she could to lay the blame directly at trump’sfeet and use this as a call to vote for dimocrats. What a ■■■■■■■ liar!! And not one mention on her panel of the ramped calls from dimocrats to get in people’s faces from maxine, booker…

I knew after the election of 2016 that what we are seeing in recent days was inevitable. People in both parties have been facing attacks of increasing magnitude over the past couple of years. The leadership in this country - from the President down to local government - needs to start acting like adults and taking active steps to stop the divisive rhetoric.

I became an independent after the 2016 election precisely because of what I could see coming. It is here now, and I am more firm than ever that I will support no political party until the divisive rhetoric has ended.

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I’m reminded of this. Libs blamed America for 911. Now they be all upset when someone suggests they brought this (likely intentionally inert) bombing into their circle of friends.



Yeah, it was inevitable. All you had to do was watch some old Howard Stern/ Donald Trump stuff to know.

And I would argue that there are very honest and decent politicians. We just don’t hear about them because they’re decent people. Squeaky wheel…

Yes, that is true - it just seems like the decent ones get lost in the midst of the ones who are doing the loudest yelling. It is kind of hard to keep that in focus sometimes.

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Low class? As compared to classless and shameless libs, Dems, MSM and Hollywood who I wouldn’t be surprised is/are behind this since I put nothing past them!

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Senior figures from the last Democratic administration were just targeted by a terrorist. The President, who has spent years calling for jailing Hillary Clinton, peddled birther conspiracies about Obama, stripped former CIA Director Brennan of his security clearance for daring to be critical, now passes the buck to the media for the climate he not only helped to create, but revels in.


I am sure the President appreciates your support.

Again… you are focusing on me instead of the topic. My post has relevance. It is to remind people of hypocrisy.

No… no it has zero relevance. It is an attempt to distract.

Many of the ones doing yelling are also decent people. They just get dragged into the gutter of 24/7 political media in which both sides are always equally responsible for every problem in America. Sure, Trump spent decades lying and cheating. Sure, he attacked the service of POWs and the physical appearance of many women. Sure, he accused his political opponent’s father of being involved in the assassination of a President. Sure, he locks up babies in cages.

But have you heard about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and the fact she coughs sometimes? And the fact that she said there are deplorable people who will support Trump no matter what he says or does?


Another reason why I almost respect Trumpists more than I do many of the mealy mouthed centrists who are either too lazy or cowardly to make a real stand.

WOW. I bet that made HIM angry. Who would want to make a former CIA director angry? What a fool! I mean …come on…the ■■■■■■■ CIA… with networks of dark operators that are not on the books, experts in clandestine and covert operations such as psyops and false flags, and methods of channeling money so as to not be traceable.

Yeah… Trump really pissed off a dangerous dude.

The media immediately used this bomb hoax for its likely intended purpose, to attack Trump and Republicans. Five “bombs” neither of which were capable of working.
Sure, it could have been a right wing incompetent nut, but like “follow the money” lets look at who benefited politically right before the election.

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