President Trump to visit Troops? no.....just going to phone-it-in

Bush did a surprise Thanksgiving visit with troops in Iraq in 2003 when there was much more danger. Can’t believe I actually kind of miss that guy.

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Bush was a decent man personally. Didn’t cheat on his wife. Didn’t hook up with porn stars. Didn’t ask his kids to negotiate with his mistresses. Didn’t cheat people out of money.

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Used a fake turkey.

No when Bush showed up on site the streaming also captured the reactions of the troops at the base.

Which was great! They seemed to truly appreciate him coming “in-person”.

This is a poor TV show for Trump. Weak. Sad. :unamused:

Trump is just trying to do a little damage control with the military. They’re smart people and they’re figuring out that he’s a coward that uses them.

Ok but you have to admit, few things are more gratifying to servicewomen and servicemen than seeing Donald on a big-screen TV about to tuck into a lavish Thanksgiving dinner and then a round of hard working golf.


I don’t see why any of them still support him. He’s the antithesis of a soldier.


That’s the standard we have for President’s now?

Wait, we can’t even meet that standard.


Yeah. The standard is way below that now.

Makes you wonder how the Christians that support him act in real life.

By now it’s impossible to be shocked. He couldn’t visit the American graves in France. He couldn’t visit the troops he sent to the Mexican border as a political stunt. He couldn’t visit the Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans Day. He’s never set time aside to visit the troops in America’s war zones even though he always seems to have time for golf. He threw American intelligence agencies (and America for that matter) under the bus as he got on his knees in front of Putin at Helsinki. The guy can say the ■■■■■■■■ “America first” slogan 100x and wrap himself in the flag but his actions speak louder than his empty words.


Just watch him wrap himself in our flag during the next election. The suckers will fall for it again.

Anyone check the weather in Mar-a-Lago? If it’s raining Donald might have to hand the phone over to General Kelly.


Reality disagrees with you:

(I could add a few more, but you get the gist, I’m sure.)

And I doubt Obama got in idiotic discussions about steam vs electromagnetic catapults, or how enlisted “A” school is analogous to Wharton School of Finance, on those calls. Thanks goodness the CO of the carrier RONALD REAGAN had the cojones to disagree with the idiot-in-chief on the former.

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Okay, but nobody loves the flag like Tiny!


LMSO, what an embarrasment. There’s no military base near whatever golf course he’s staying at?

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He’s at Joint Base Mar-Lago.

You libs should shut up.

Working very hard on the back nine.

Yet lead us into a false war that cost 100K’s lives Trump is stupid and selfish and mean but not to level of evil that Cheney is in sending US soldiers to death so can make money for his ex-employer.

Sure there is Orlando Naval Station is only 2hr drive from Mar-La-Go I went there for Nuclear Power School…Does it not count because the closed it years ago.

What are the chances during this entire phone in, that this pile of ■■■■ talks about himself most of the time?