PRESIDENT TRUMP: The Wall WILL be Built ‘One Way or Another’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump doubled-down on his push to build a physical barrier along the US-Mexico border Friday; telling reporters his signature campaign promise will be built “one way or another.”

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Democrats in Congress who accepted Sharia adepts and wanted open borders to follow their ideology of Socialism and Globalism will never vote for The Wall. The President does not have an other alternative to defend his country than an Emergency Order as the Commander In Chief. Time to Act. Laxity and Obstructionism are not the solution to fix the invasion crisis of wild immigration with no frontiers and walls.

I agree totally with the president.

Over the last several days, there have been news reports (not on CNN or the alphabets) that at least some of the farmers and ranchers along the border are willing to start building some type of fencing or walls themselves but they would like help from experts, like maybe Army Combat Engineers, to get it right. They are tired of having smugglers and border jumpers trespass on their land and steal or destroy property. Some have even had their homes and out buildings shot up. Not everyone out there is willing to help the criminals.

Very grateful for President Trump’s ability to continue forward in so many ways to make America great again, a blessing to us and all the world, despite so much dishonest opposition. He has rightly been careful not to use “emergency powers” for the wall. Historically a republican breaks new ground and then a democrat comes after destroying the foundations that made America great. For example, Bush saying we’ll go to war on his say so using the UN (yes, the un-American, un-Godly, un-elected UN), as his authority instead of Congress, and then marxist obama comes in with “stroke of the pen law”. Fedgov has billions in many departments, the President has like 13 cabinets with myriads of agencies under them. Perhaps he could direct a couple billion from Education, EPA, Homeland “security”, the corrupted Justice bureaus, Health and Welfare humongous budget to build the wall. Although it is an emergency with the migration, crime, human trafficking, drugs etc. and bigger than state emergencies from hurricanes etc. there seem to be many ways to fund the wall immediately, as it should.