President Trump Pittsburgh Shale Insight Conference 10-23-19

I will be welcoming President Trump back to Pittsburgh today to speak at the Shale Insight Conference.

This is a technical industry meeting for natural gas and fracking technology.

Some highlights…The presidents speech will be open to the first 8000 people who register through the Shale Insight website at SHALE INSIGHT 2019 Presidential Keynote Address Registration, Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite

Should be a great speech and these spots will go very quickly.

Mayor Peduto looked like he bit into a sour lemon on the local news as he whined about traffic and frightened some city schools into using a snow day. These 17 and 18 year old students may well vote for Trump in 2020 for getting them out of school for a day.

Thanks to President Trump for unleashing the energy of the USA and for visiting Pittsburgh where his support remains strong.



How’s Trump doing in PA these days?

Better than Hillary.


Lots of MAGA 2020 signs out already in the suburbs and rural areas.

A few cheapskates are recycling their 2016 signs.

Trump remains very popular here. Second Amendment is paramount to many voters here.


About as popular as Lou Barletta I’m told. :wink:

What the hell does he know about Shale gas?

It keeps us energy independent.

Economy and jobs and wages are all doing very well in the region.


Tough to knock off an incumbent.

I will give you that.



Trump lost Allegheny County (received 39.5% of the vote) in 2016. This was of course before Tree of Life as well.

He won the surrounding counties.

I expect that Trump will do much better in the city districts in 2020.

40-43% would be sweet.


Curious - why?

True. Another reason added to my list of why Trump will win re-election.

Have any examples of impeached incumbents being reelected?

I am in the Energy game so I know all about Shale plays but what the hell does he know?

Economy and immigration.

People want the law followed and respected.


I will answer that in Dec 2020.

You needed much more than you got from Biden to pull off the impeach.


How to let the economy run best.

Doesn’t need to know much else.


LMAO… The house has the votes already to impeach…

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Enjoy your time in the sun then.

Trump will win in 2020.


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I have to say he is tolerated by the business since he fired Mr. Tillerson who is still considered a giant in the industry and still held in great respect