PRESIDENT TRUMP ON HANNITY: Watch the President’s Entire Interview Here

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President Trump spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday night on a series of critical issues and recent revelations; saying Attorney General William Barr has done an “incredible job” in a “very short period of time.”

“I think it’s incredible when you hear it,” said the President regarding allegations of Ukrainian election interference on behalf of Hillary Clinton. “It sounds like big stuff. I just spoke with the new President of Ukraine, he got 75% of the vote, that sounds like big stuff.”

“They’re saying they colluded on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. Does America need to see that information?” asked Hannity.

“I think we do. Frankly, we have a great new Attorney General who’s done an unbelievable job in a very short period of time. I’d imagine he’d want to see this,” said the President.

Watch President Trump on ‘Hannity’ above.