President Trump and repugs should start considering packing SCOTUS

Since their is campaign by radical libs to pack the courts when they take back the presidency Trump and repugs preempt em and select 8 new SCOTUS members given a total of 17 justices.

This would force them to bring in 10 new justices to turn the tables.

The fact that “some” libs are saying it’s not good idea…history has shown they lie, deceive nd mask their intentions.

Oh and Judiciary Act of 1869 is out date. Times has changed over the last 150 years.

Let’s do first what we don’t want the other guys to do at all. Winning.

Good luck getting a court-packing bill past Congress.

I doubt it would even get out of committee in the Senate, let alone pass the House.

Nope, nope, and nope.

Can they demonstrate the ability, without prejudice, to follow the Constitution?

If not, it does not matter what side of the political aisle they sit upon. They should not be considered for any appointment.

ITT, pretend libz are the authoritarians to justify the rights atavistic impulse for authoritarianism. Part eleventy million.


So they are radical…so you counter with radical…that makes you radical…yeah i can agree with that. In order to get what you want you become authoritarian…which we already knew

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

It should not be “your side”; it should not be “my side”.

It should be what the country was founded upon and defense of it regardless if you or I like it or not.

Sorry girl…I disagree. If someone is about to shoot you you should try to shoot em fist. :wink:

No one’s trying to shoot you. Shooting someone when you can’t figure out the difference is going to get you in big trouble.

Figure of speech, man.


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Leave it at 9.

Even Roosevelt, with a friendly congress, couldn’t pack it. And for a good reason.

Just getting one or two more replaced in the next 2 years is packing enough.

I know. I was also using a figure of speech, man.


Well I don’t see that in your reply. Or any figure of speech for that matter.

Of course, you and I rarely agree on anything, so … there’s that.

That sounds like your problem, not mine.

Some of you good people need your sarcasm meters calibrated.

Cut it to 5.

Could say the same for you.

Well, that would be a highly emotional and volatile situation.

Time, rational minds have a way of weeding out the emotions and (hopefully) bringing the facts to the surface.

It isn’t as literal as you would like it to appear. But that is okay. Some subtleties are not easy to understand on the internet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: