President Trump addresses the nation tonight


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trump is a great guy…


There is 2,000 miles of border between the United States and Mexico. Now is the time to finally secure the border and create the lawful and safe immigration system Americans, and those wanting to become Americans, deserve.

Thank you Mr President!!


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^^^Border Security Poll Results^^^
President Trump: 79% of Americans (and 71% of Democrats!) know we have a problem and a CRISIS on the Southern Border.

Our President visited our Southern Border today & the American people are RIGHT.

Nancy & Chuck are so TIRED of the Trump Team WINNING that they are willing to let drugs, sex traffickers, and criminals pour into our country. DISGRACEFUL!

Our President will not cave. He will FIGHT for REAL Border Security.

MAGA, your lovable Ol’ Bos’un


Where are you getting those numbers?


Where are you getting yours, fake news roundup? I am reality based my brother, and on the border… go south and try to go to the national parks near the border, ride an ATV in the desert, look for arrowheads, etc., or enjoy the higher crime rates…


I’m guessing a conservative chain email with anonymous sources.


One can think and say anything one wants in a free society, even if one does not have a clue…


Do you shop at Walmart’s :dizzy_face:


I didn’t post any numbers…

I asked you where your numbers came from… they don’t seem accurate.


Ok what is accurate? I post mine, now you post yours. Kind of like catch ball, my dear brother.


I can’t find any poll with the criteria of “Know border security is a problem and crisis”. Again that is why I asked for your source on the numbers you posted.

Why is this so hard? Either you have a source or you made them up


So you will not tell me yours. Goodnight. Don’t forget to lock your doors. Do you keep your laptop on the seat in plain view? Ha ha ha


post fail.


I used not fake news. And, i am not a Jimbo Acosta groupie. You will have to start thinking a little more. I might get out of the safe bubblebath enviroment more often. I don’t base decisions on emotionalism or follow the pied piper of liberalism. Hope you have a crime free safe day.


Interesting. So Politico quotes the MorningConsult poll and the numbers aren’t anywhere near what you said. How could that be?


Because reading is hard…


Stay away from the sugar, bro…