President to media: No follow-up questions

Yes, that was rule with presidential press conferences for President Kennedy. If you doubt it here is a video:

My recollection that no follow-up questions was the rule until the 1970s.

Could President Trump reinstate the rule?

…or no questions?

Judge Kelly, who was nominated by Trump in 2017, further explained that the president is not required to call on Acosta at press events

True. That could eliminate any follow-up question from him as well.

Perhaps instead of looking for reasons to excuse this behavior, some of you should ask yourselves why the idea of an administration that isn’t held publicly accountable for it’s behavior is so appealing.

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When Acosta is elected, he can behave any way he legally wants until the next election where voters can decide again for themselves. Since Acosta wasn’t elected…his behavior is inexcusable.

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Should the press just passively accept blatant lies in response to their questions with no push back at all? I would consider that inexcusable.


It’s funny that a Kennedy is now being held up as an example by some Republicans.

Then again, recalling how belligerent Ted Kennedy could be, I could see a comparison there to Trump…

Do you think the residents of Tijuana believe they’ve been invaded or do they have Acosta’s POV?

As of late, do you begin posting something and then the system blinks and everything you just wrote disappears? This just started a few days ago and I’m wondering if it’s at my end or Hannity’s?

Yes - I’ve noticed that for the past 2 weeks or so. It is kind of irritating.

That’s up to the Mexican governmen to handle.

And we’re already planning to send all the border troops back home before Christmas so uhhh…where’s the threat? Why are we OK with flushing $200 million down the toilet for an election stunt?

When you type as slow as I do, that’s an understatement. :grin:

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There a discussion about it over in community feedback. It is rather frustrating…the saving grace is that sometimes the forum saves the draft of the post you were typing, so often it will come back where you left off…but if it refreshes when you JUST typed something (especially if you type quickly), then you’re going to be stuck typing it all again.

Weird bug.

Arrggh - it just happened as I was typing this reply.

Yesterday, I lost a 2 paragraph reply to one of those blips. I was like “forget it - it’s not worth it.” :grinning:

It’s been happening ever since the 4chan trolls started their little forum war. JavaScript injection? Might need to be looked at…


Trump is scared of questions because he is a weeny.

That is what this is all about.


It is. Acosta isn’t necessary for that process. He’s not the only reporter in the US, just the rudest.

Our media is just a bunch of dems playing reporter… Fake news…

The PUSH BACK as you call it comes in the published form…NOT a shouting match at the press conference.

I am sure you knew that…


CNN alone has 50 others WITH clearance.