President says we're in the middle of coup(and you'll lose your religion)

We are many months away before that even becomes a possibility… In the mean time, there will be dozens of hearings, testimony from witnesses and lot of documentation sought, probably under subpoena… This party is JUST getting started…

Please…don’t pop their Russian collusion, Rachel Maddow club bubble now.

When the civil war starts, do ya’all want to see if you can at least keep it within your own borders and not disrupt the whole class?

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I am suggesting it is a very long way from no house republicans, except Amash, even thinking a house inquiry is warranted to getting enough republican senators to convict. A very, very long way.

I am suggesting it is not something that should be entered into lightly without awareness of the possible real world consequences for all of us.

And much testimony and evidence…

Donald certainly knows how to move the needle. :wink:

Better to simply endure his corruption, lies, and buffoonery?


That really isn’t saying much about the Republican party.

I agree btw.

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Do you think the democratic party would have survived impeaching Obama?

Yes, you would rather not have the real world consequences of Donald Trump being mad at the GOP. You would prefer to ignore him pandering for help with his election from a foreign power.

Is there a crime he could commit that would make you less concerned about him being mad at your party, and more concerned with eh rule of law?

In your hypothetical is there evidence that Obama committed a crime? If so, what crime?

The power of Twitter enables Trump to reinforce his buffoon image each and every day.

So called Conservatives rally against the victim card being played yet constantly Indulge their own deity playing the victim.


Yeah, but isn’t this exactly where we were when the nixon inquiry started? And nixon wasn’t a tweeting idiot who barely escaped impeachment, with well documented but untried crimes spelled out in an exhaustive brief already.

They survived the impeachment of Clinton, and would have bounced back had he been convicted. Had Obama committed impeachable offenses, Democrats would have accepted it and looked to rebound. Of course, Obama wouldn’t have acted like such a fool.

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Oh let’s say, the murder of a US citizen without due process.


Coup away then. :laughing:

This isn’t 1972. There is no tight monopoly on news by progressives as there was then today. No politician could stand against the big three back then, if you lost them, you were out.

His twitter presence allows him to go around the dishonest media.

That’s all there is to it.


Please, he committed perjury and they refused to convict, precisely because of the damage it would have done to their party because their voters did not feel that crime warranted removal from office. The same way most republican voters don’t feel Trump investigating possible crimes committed by the opposition candidate does not warrant removal because the same thing was done to their candidate the last time around.

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