President says we're in the middle of coup(and you'll lose your religion)

Agreed… He seems to be in panic now that the floodgates on his corruption are opening… I wouldn’t say I love it but it is best for the country…

Donald’s panic is on full display.

You don’t ignore crimes because someone is popular either. You look into the information and if an impeachment is necessary, go for it. Impeachment does not remove someone from office.

He’s really not helping his case by calling this a coup. If anything, it’s the final end game for Mike Pence. :smiley:

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I’ll give him one thing - the whole “THE SKY IS FALLING - WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!” thing does sell - with a certain segment of the population.


Sorry, just not feeling it.

I’m becoming concerned. He sends a lot of tweets that just ask questions. “Why hasn’t Adam Schiff been arrested”



With the Chicken Liddle’s?


I kind of like him tweeting stuff like this…

What does he have to panic about? Are you suffering under the delusion there is any indication there are enough Senate votes to successfully remove him from office? If he is panicked, it’s not for any discernible reason.

Again…just not feeling it.

You are not coming across as sincere, as when I do it,

You just seem to be going through the motions, reading a script, acting. Dare I say, faking it!


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We are long way from predicting senate votes… Feel free to speculate…

Sure, if you want to ignore the real life consequences of your actions. I don’t operate that way.

No, we aren’t. Consider the following.

Democrats fought back against McCarthy’s efforts, pushing what’s called a motion to table McCarthy’s privileged resolution. That is where the vote of record happened–a vote for the motion to table was a vote against the resolution, and vice versa. The motion to table succeeded along party lines, with 231 House Democrats voting for it and 193 House Republicans voting against it. Former Republican, now “Independent” Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, also voted with the Democrats. Five Republicans and three Democrats did not vote.

In other words, in plain English, the Democrats, by shooting down McCarthy’s resolution, have now formally all gone on the record in support of Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry–and the Republicans have now all gone on the record against it. Even more plainly, this was the vote that formally opened impeachment proceedings. They are all on the record now.

Are you speculating that senate republicans will just vote by party and not the evidence presented?

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Great idea!


Of course the Senate and GOP will circle the wagons… until they don’t, that is expected and it is impossible to predict.

Great minds think alike. :laughing:

So you are suggesting we ignore a POTUS breaking the law because he’s really vindictive and black hearted and you’d rather not have your party disrupted?

What a brave and principled post.


I’ll tell you right now.

There will NEVER be a Senate vote.

Ain’t happenin’!!!