President’s enemy of the people

Does anyone think this sort of talk from the President is appropriate? I mean, I am no fan of FoxNews but I think this sort of rhetoric where you make the media the enemy of the people is waaay over the top and would not like a democratic President referring to Foxnews with such incendiary language.

Trump recognizes that his greatest enemy is the truth.


Donald is an idiot with no ulterior motive beyond throwing red meat to his rabid base for the statisfaction their howling gives him.

That said, this is obviously irresponsible talk coming from a POTUS. Stirs up the wrong demographic and runs the risk of creating disastrous scenarios.


That’s a good ass point.
So simple, profound and true. Might have to steal that. LOL!

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The Lame stream media doesn’t know anything about the truth. Just arms of the dem party.

Who lies more, 45 or the media?

FTR…All the media isn’t lying.

The media hands down.


This right here is why he does it. It feeds the base’s confirmation biases. It gives them an easy excuse to not engage in the more difficult task of thinking for themselves.

Now, the irony is not lost on me, and I suspect some others, with regards to the protesting of Cabinet members and others in the Trump orbit, and the incessant complaining being done by them on this topic. Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous, and just seeks to further divide Americans. It is a page right out of the Putin propaganda playbook, and Trump along with his followers are running with it full steam ahead. There are no good outcomes that will arise from this division and hatred of our fellow countrymen. It’s a shame to see so many Americans gleefully hold hatred in their hearts for their fellow Americans.


So whenever the media report something negative about 45, by default you automatically chalk it up as them lying?

Not automatically. However they constantly do lie.

It is inappropriate, uncivil, dangerous, UnAmerican, disrespectful, ugly, crass, and debasing.

It is why there is blowback.

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and the loser from cnn is “truth”?


He said that he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave and not lose any supporters. These are the people he was talking about.


Cool, an Enemies List. How do I join?

I used to think it was just typical Trump hyperbole. But now, it seems it was actually prescient.

Well. If Fox & Friends is your baseline, then yes.

This is why we need to fight back and figuratively punch these bullies in the nose, enough is enough.

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Most of the talk from trump is inappropriate. This is no different.

Oh, you mean more than what left wing fanatics have already done. Seriously, keep pushing for war and you just might get your wish.

First he came for the brown skinned…the nation did nothing…then he came for the Liberals…the nation did nothing…then he came for the journalists…