President hillary

step 1: dems take the house and senate
step 2: hillary (or bernie) gets appointed speaker of the house. there is no law preventing teh spreaker from being a non house member
step 3 impeach president treason and pence
hillary becomes president…

No thanks.

Same. If that happened the Democratic Party would completely lose my vote in every future election.

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You skipped over an important step-
Start a declared war. You have to have a war to have an enemy. You have to have an enemy before you can have treason.

I want a leader that will lead the country not continue the stupid infighting by attacking the other side.

I don’t think such a leader exists. No matter who a side puts up, the other side will howl like scorched cats. It’s who we are now.

I agree that currently such a candidate does not exist but Hillary is NOT the solution. She would be the absolute worst choice possible as there is no other Democrat alive as divisive as her.

I think most people agree that Clinton would be the best chance Donald currently has at re-election. I’m certain Trumpists pray fervently on a nightly basis the Democratic Party is that stupid.

Hey 3rd times a charms. maybe this time she can actually go after Dem vote instead of trying to get GOP to flip and vote for her. If 90% of GOP support Trump(A NYC Liberal) because he has a ® what would make them vote other than GOP. Hell Clinton should just ran as a GOP it turns out she would had the POTUS locked down due to the cult of holly ®

Fantasy. DEMs would need to pickup 18 seats in the Senate to have a 2/3 majority needed to convict both Trump and Pence. There is simply no way that will happen.

Hillary Clinton: pay for play and innumerable other things which are crimes … also her savaging anyone who dared accuse her rapist husband of rape

Democrats: meh

Donald Trump: things which are tacky and sordid

Democrats: impeach!

Nature abhors a Glen Beck Vacuum

TDS fantasy… hilarious thanks…

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Still hanging onto hope your queen will someday be crowned.

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The lib dream .

They lubs em some Hillary.

Not so fast Hillary might be considering a 2020 run

Bro, Hillary is done, get over it.

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Did you read the post. She is thinking about running. That has to warm the heartstrings of your heart. Liberal tears won’t be in vain.

Her answer is “no”. Hillary lost bro, get over it.

Power is very addicting, and regardless if she lost in 2016 Hillary has been very successful in obtaining high level government positions. She hasn’t been one of the candidates who lost and just went away, she has been very active and vocal since her loss.

You know she is thinking about running, and these little hints she puts out there from time to time testing the waters. Hillary is probably waiting to see who the other candidates in the democrat primary will be and her chances of winning against them before entering. I wouldn’t count her out until the first democrat primary debate happens and we don’t see her.