President elect...tear down this wall

I see you’re planing on using executive action to undo Trump policies…you can start with border wall so illegals can come into our country.

Also use your executive action to ban all drilling and mining in federal property.

You can do that and plenty more within fir hour after being sworn in.

Follow cons…feel free to add to list…I have to leave here for few hours. :wink:

Biden doesn’t need to tear down the wall. It’s falling down on its own. Portion of US border wall in California falls over in high winds and lands on Mexican side - CNNPolitics


The wall isn’t going to be torn down.

Biden will likely make improvements to the existing wall, and will likely continue a modernization of border enforcement.

What I do hope he does is place more resources into the immigration part of immigration enforcement.

There is no reason that the backlog of immigration cases should be years long.


more illegal aliens, less doctors for citizens, more taxes and regulations, less freedom for citizens, sanctuary for criminals, defunded police, food stamps for everyone


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Based on what?


Nefarious reasons.

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Your post made me laugh, thanks.

The greatest existential threat to our nation is our southern border along with moronic immigration policies (like chain migration, birthright citizenship) and nonenforcement of current immigration law. The fact is that there is no other developed country that has the border issues that we do and they ALL have much stricter laws regarding immigration. This is where most of the damage to the country will be done by Biden. He even said that no one here illegally will be deported. So in other words, if you can get here illegally you can stay, but just don’t call it open borders.


I guess you didn’t read the link you posted:

“the sections that gave way had recently been set in a new concrete foundation in Calexico, California. The concrete had not yet cured”


Why change unpopular policy, when you can change the voters?

No one wants open border. If you believe Biden or Democrats will do that, explain why there is border crossing any where right now. I don’t want to spend $ on physical wall across entire southern border. Some areas - sure.

Justice Democrats do.


Wake up and smell the frijoles dude…


The worst thing the Democrats could do is the start ripping down border security now that illegal immigration has slowed down under Trump. The wall might not of been so popular but poll after poll shows most republicans and independents want illegal immigration reduced.

There going to end up ushering in some real right wing maniac in 2024 if that’s how he starts his presidency not to mention the likely red wave that will come in the 2022 midterms.

Part of me says go right ahead.


The Democrat party has radically moved on this issue over the past decade.

why would comrade biden tear down the wall? Reagan told East Germany to tear down the wall in order to free the communist slaves… do you really think the left wants to free anyone?

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NEVER leave a new structure vulnerable to high winds. Major blunder.

Trump will be gone…the issue of immigration remains and now we know how to make it better. Thanks to Trump… immigration was ignored until he won.

Biden should be very careful with it.

Free the middle class to join the peasant class.

This is from July 2019. Come on man.

Who the hell knows what Biden will do? Maybe his view is changed.