President-elect Biden's top picks for Attorney General are Doug Jones and Merrick Garland

President-elect Biden appears to be considering either United States Senator Doug Jones or United States Circuit Judge Merrick Garland for the post of United States Attorney General.

I would enthusiastically support Doug Jones for the position. He is a moderate Democrat with an outstanding record, particularly his service as United States Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama under President Clinton, where he upheld civil rights with the utmost diligence. He also pursued civil rights causes while in private practice. He is far and away my favorite choice for a Biden Attorney General. He has maintained a good relationship with Senator McConnell and his confirmation would be quick.

I would also support the nomination of Merrick Garland to be Attorney General, but would prefer Jones. While Garland is terrifically qualified to be Attorney General, I would just as soon prefer he remain on the DC Circuit, perhaps moving to senior status. He is currently senior/retirement eligible and would have to fully retire from the judiciary to take the office of Attorney General. I would frankly leave him where he is and nominate Jones.

I would also say that from the Republican perspective, Jones should be considered the absolute best candidate that Biden might be inclined to nominate. They should not oppose Jones, because they are NOT going to get a better candidate from their perspective.


Kamala’s bro-in-law

Doug Jones or Merrick Garland are Kamal Harris’ brother in laws?

Would the irony of Doug Jones taking Session’s seat, and then taking Session’s admin job be too strong? Especially since Biden won’t publicly humiliate Jones on an almost daily basis? Or should that be a fortuitous message to all?

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Not going to happen…Biden doesn’t have a say in this matter.

That’s who the one’s actually making the decision want.

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Quite the fever dream team they’re building.


The circus is coming to DC.

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I’m sure his choices will be of the same caliber he is.


Now nepotism is bad?

God you guys can’t keep your talking points in alignment.

Biden has no say in his own Attorney General nomination? Are you completely ignorant of the process or is this some half hearted joke about how Biden doesn’t really do anything and is just a puppet? If it’s the latter, wouldn’t his handlers send out info on who they want to be attorney general?

Bless your heart…

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They think the squad is calling the shots. Biden’s picks so far have been proving them wrong yet again

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Biden should have everyone be “acting” like coward Trump did. This way Senate doesn’t need to confirm and Biden gets to pick whomever he wants.

Sure hope so!

Yeah hes the man for the job.

Depoliticizing the AG position. Will be a breath of fresh a from the current stooge.


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…and this is an excellent demonstration of your discernment.

Thank you!

I hope that Biden picks Doug Jones. Merrick Garland is doing a good job where is he at now.

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