President and Michelle Obama enter into deal with Netflix for movies, TV shows

Something else for Trump to watch. Good to see. It’s looking like their post-presidential years will be to enhance the arts. Should be very interesting. I look forward to see what they come up with.

Getting a deal with Netflix is like the new “book deal”. You can basically do whatever you want. So good for them. Should be interesting.

As long as I have a remote and the option to ignore them I don’t really care what those two do with netflix. :grin:

I don’t care that you don’t care either.

And yet if the produce something you don’t like I’m sure you will run here to complain about it

Not at all. A person is much better off if he doesn’t run around looking for so many things to be angry about.

Makes him easier to get along with too.

I just don’t watch things on Netflix I know I will disagree with.

Same here. Netflix has plenty of good stuff, and plenty of garbage. I just ignore the garbage. Same with cable.

Some of the documentaries, movies and TV series I’ve seen on Netflix are really good quality, and I won’t give that up simply because there are some programs I would never watch.

Also, Netflix does have documentaries on Romney, George H W Bush and Trump. I’ve seen the first two and they are very good, the Bush one is especially poignant now with the recent death of Barbara.

How do you know you’ll “disagree” with whatever it is they’re going to produce? What if their first project is a doc about how cute puppies are?

And when I cancel my account, I’m going to let the person know this is the reason I’m canceling.

I’m sure they’ll miss you immensely.

Netflix has thousands of programs produced by thousands of people, that the former President and his wife will be among them is going to cause you to cancel your account?


Couple hundred thousand people do the same, and it will get their attentions :smiley:

And their experience in producing, writing, or ANYTHING involved in film/movies/ect is?

Those are liberal puppies.


Granted, they’re no Reality TV whizzes like the current President, but I’m taking that fact as a positive.


Well that will certainly give our Twidiot in Chief something to whine about.

What puppies??!! There’s no puppies! You’re the puppy!


You hire people for that stuff.

Not only that, they are the smartest people, with the best words, and the bigliest stories to tell.

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Wow. Really? How petty and lazy.