Preliminary injuction issued against id for ammo law in Cali

I think this law will eventually be tossed to the curb.

Benitez reportedly claimed the law blocked legitimate sales to law-abiding citizens, about 16 percent of the time.

Something tells me stats were given to the judge showing this. I havn’t read the 200 page opinion to see if that’s what he said in it.

He also ruled that California’s ban on importing ammo from outside the state violates federal interstate commerce laws.

Unless California did what Utah does a in a lot of laws – have a severability clause – this along is enough to make the law unconstitutional.

But good on the judge – bad on California for even trying a law like this.

Question is do I get my money back for the fees I paid for each ammo purchase?

dumb law.

I hope the ruling stands.
WA democrats have this one on their list, but fortunately didn’t make it out of committee this session.
It would cause huge inconvenience and expense for folks like me who order large quantities of calibers not typically stocked in local gun shops.
It wouldn’t do anything to stop criminals from getting ammo.

I doubt there’s many criminals using your ammo. :wink:

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Is that damn Constitution getting in libs way again? I hate it when that happens. :sunglasses:


So, just to be clear: laws requiring ID to buy ammo are unconstitutional, but laws requiring ID to cast a vote are absolutely necessary?

(Again, to be clear: I’m not saying that you said that, or even believe it. I’m saying that in a room full of random Republicans, I’d get plenty of “Amen!”)

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It’s more than having an ID, it’s running a background check to buy ammo

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“Guns don’t kill people. Bullets kill people.”

  • Chris Rock

ETA: That’s a joke. I don’t think a background check should be necessary to buy ammunition.

A background check and an ID are not the same thing. ID is required to purchase ammunition already.

You’re right. My bad.

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injunction overturned

I was born and raised in California and I sure remember that almost every year there would be laws struck down because they were unconstitutional. I am sort of surprised that this law made it to a ballot and the voters made it law.

What do you expect when the state is filled with fruits, nuts, and flakes?

There’s good folks there, too.

Solid Ruling well grounded in The Constitution.

What money? Is the gov’t charging you for it? Is there an additional fee to the state for the BGC?

It won’t last.

Rhino and Buffalo Poachers maybe… . :smile:

Yes. As I recall it’s like $15 the first time and then a buck after that.