Preferred by DJT.... the Wall Now......or the Wall as a 2020 campaign issue

I really think if the financing the wall was such a priority, it would have been done when Republicans had both houses of Congress.

It is more valuable as a campaign issue to beat the Dems with.

Just like the Dems would like the Russian investigation to drag on for another 18 months.
It’s more valuable as something “hanging over the Presidency”.

If it finished tomorrow with a couple more indictments…say Jared or Junior. What happens?

  1. Media goes ape**** 2) House moves to impeach. 3) Senate does NOT confirm.

Dems are going to run a kook in 2020. DJT is a “victim” running for re-election.

It’s all theater.

Both sides have had decades to fix this but neither side gave a rat’s rear until…Trump did.

Based on immigration numbers, wasn’t this issued solved the last decade by President Bush? Don’t most illegal aliens now come in by airplane and overstay their visa?

Maybe in 2020 he can say that Canada will pay for the wall, since he never got that check from Mexico.

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Yeah, Trump has no interest in fixing anything. Use your special powers of sight and actually see you’re being fooled my friend. He wants re-election and will stop at nothing to try to achieve that. He is not some altruistic savior that is placing the nation ahead of his own wants.

He had ample time with Republicans in charge to “finally do something” and he chose not to. He was offered full funding for the wall to “finally do something” and he rejected it. He has had proposals presented to him by immigration hardliners strengthening e-verify and going after business and landlords, that “finally do something” and he rejects them in favor of some stupid partial barrier that “finally does nothing.”

The proof is in the actions of this man. Not in his words.


Yeah just like the immigration issue was shoved down our throat in the midterms and look how that turned out for trump.

Immigration was a losing argument as the Republican house went down like the Titantic.


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Takes a kook to beat a kook.


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Depends on the type of kook.

The country is not supportive of Donald Trump.

That does NOT mean they’re supportive of anyone that goes too far left.

Not seeing anyone in the current crop of candidates from the Ds that I would say is a slam dunk to beat Trump in 2020.

Lots can change between now and 2020 but it does look like for me, personally, my two-election streak of voting for a third party candidate will grow to three elections.

Can’t wait for the election Ann Coulter VS. Joy Behar!!

I always keep a copy of Idiocracy queued in my DVR to see our future.


Cant make the wall a priority when the republicans held both houses for 2 years

Nah, he’s still peddle the notion that Mexico will pay for the wall, and his supporters will cheer and chant
“Build that wall!”