Predictions for 2020?

Face it Dems, the hopes you had in impeachment are fading. Trump will get impeached, but not removed from office regardless of what happens in the Senate. Trump will get to run again which means someone will have to run against him.

I’m curious as to whom you believe will get the Dem nomination and what they have to offer voters to beat Trump. Keep in mind Trump is not going to lose his base. The Trumpists and never Trumpers minds have never changed, the impeachment had no affect on their decisions. The hope for Dems is the undecideds and independents. That the percentage of those that voted for Trump in 2016 will change to the Dem candidate in 2020.

But also what may change is the minority vote. Based on Trump’s record, will he gain a larger or smaller percentage of their vote?

As I listen to the various Dem candidates, I just don’t see anything they offer as overcoming Trump. Elizabeth Warren can’t win on universal health care. Bernie Sanders can’t win with his grumpy socialist agenda. Buttigieg is too young, too inexperienced and openly gay. Joe Biden might have been a contender in his prime, but his stammering, stuttering, gaffes and age make him look senile or on the verge of Alzheimer’s.

I think the best shot at winning the Democrat nomination and challenging Trump is Bloomberg. I doubt even Hillary could pull it off after her campaign performance last time around.

No matter who, it’s a major uphill battle for Dems. I doubt they win the popular vote this time. That will depend on if Trump hatred outweighs either his track record of accomplishments or a candidate standing out enough in the next 11 months to overcome lackluster enthusiasm and maybe a dismal turnout for Dems.

I think Trump’s electoral win will be higher…


Democrats have no hopes of winning the presidency…so their only hope is to retake he senate even if it means losing he house. With the senate at least they can stop Trump judicial picks.

That’s how I see it.


Right - and Trump had no chance of winning the White House in 2016.

If Trump has proven anything, it is that literally anyone can weasel and con their way into the presidency. All they have to do is yell, lie, act like a toddler, and insult everyone.

So libs tactics does work…


Do you even understand what impeachment is?

For instance:
Face it Dems, the hopes you had in impeachment are fading. Trump will get impeached,

This is a total contradiction. Trump will get impeached…so the hopes are not fading. He will be impeached. Impeachment is the act of trial in the Senate by house managers who are prosecuting the evidence against Trump.

Impeachment is not the act of him being removed from office.

You further contradict yourself by saying:
but not removed from office regardless of what happens in the Senate. WHat??? What happens in the Senate will be either he will be found guilty and removed, found guilty and censured, or found not guilty. Regardless of what happens in the Senate??? Which is it?

It sounds to me like you have no idea what the process is for impeachment, how the process carries out, and worst of all…you sound like one of those people who confuse impeachment with the actual removal from office. Clinton was impeached. Nixon was not. Clinton stayed in office, and Nixon resigned before articles of impeachment were voted on. Either way…your statements are YUUUUGGGGEEEELLYYY contradictory and don’t help your statement that it is a major uphill battle for the dems. He will be impeached. What’s uphill about that?

Apparently. That’s how we have a lib in the White House now as a Republican.

I’ll hand it to him - that was pretty impressive

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Pretty sure Trump gets re-elected

Senate may be a net win for Dems because Repubs have too many seats to defend.


It is a valid view…but how does going forward with impeachment help them take the Senate?


Which specific states will trump carry in 2020 that he didn’t carry in 2016?



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Trump is a step up from the rinos we were voting for in the prior elections. Both mccain and romney didnt have the fight in them to beat obama.


All of them.

I am quite aware of what impeachment means and that it doesn’t mean removed from office. But since the goal of Dems from the day Trump took office has been to find an excuse to remove him from office, and impeachment is the only tool they have to do so, I didn’t feel the need to take the time to type out the distinction. For your benefit I have done so. Carry on with your ridicule…

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Very risky gamble but Republicans do have more to defend in 2020.

That wasn’t the question. Who do you predict will get the nomination?

No it isn’t. One poll every 3 months showing this doesn’t make it true.

I can’t see any of the contenders winning the Dem nomination, but I know one of them has to.
Warren? Her health care numbers don’t work. She’s lost ground because of it.
Mayor Pete? Too young. Too inexperienced. Can’t get the Black vote.
Biden? A doddering old fool who becomes more obvious every day.
Sanders? No. Sick and too old.

Not going to make any predictions in regards to the Presidency, other than to say that if Trump wins, it likely will be due to the sort of Democratic ineptitude that lost them the Presidency in 2016. By all rights, a strong Democratic candidate should be able to handily defeat Trump. Yet, I still see a good possibility that Democrats **** it all away with a bad candidate and a bungled campaign.

As for the House of Representatives, Republicans will likely net 10 to 15 seats, but Democrats will retain narrow control.

As for the Senate, it will be very close. Either D 51/R 50, D 50/R 50, or D 49/R 51.


Campaign folder.

The senate needs to get the truth without giving ammo to libs on vulnerable senate seats.

I am struggling with this also.

Every one of them has a significant flaw.