Prediction on Winter Olympics being postponed?

Seemingly new cases all around China jeopardize the Olympics being a super spreader event.

What odds do you give this event gets postponed? I give it a 2/3 chance to be put off last minute…

99% chance they go on.

Too much money involved.

Look at the Tokyo olympics last year.


Record new covid cases now…

I thought we were in this together?


International political sports? No thanks. lol

China has made a major move here.
If the games go on as scheduled I would think that there could be a significant number of athletes who might not be allowed to compete due to a positive test.

Public safety is not supposed to be political.


Anyone that patronizes this Olympics or the Australian open is enabling repressive conduct.

So messed up on so many levels.

Of course they will go on. Xi needs those thousands of international hostages to provide cover for his invasion of Taiwan. :wink:

All the cool dictators will be there.

They’ll happen.

I speak only for myself but I won’t be watching.

Someone floated an idea a year ago about hosting a separate games here in the states and inviting the western democracies to participate…

I wish that would have happened. It’s sad that our athletes will be in the country that created and released Covid on the world killing millions.

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