Prediction: Market Will Take Bad Turn Before Election

I dont usually predict things but with Biden being such s slow motion train wreck, and their societal chaos plan backfiring, the only hope Democrats have is flipping some key states weeks after the election with their mail in ballot schemes, other forces will have to come into play.

i bet this comes in the form of market chaos so they can blame trump. it’s already showing some signs of such

any thoughts?

id be interested in hearing various ways this might be accomplished.

How would democrats pull this off?

So is the “market” is conspiring against Trump here, or are the Democrats behind all of this?

I mean, Trump has only been President almost 4 years, does he not have a hand in anything that’s currently happening in our country during this period?

could come in form of fed pressure on dividends, hyping up trade issues with China

im sure there are ways. trump has put the pressure on some big money. wouldnt be surprised if theres a plan to cause him some pain

You’re asking other posters to help make the conspiracy theory you just thought make sense?


maybe a little of both

Explain, please

What does ‘fed pressure on dividends’ mean?

no that is not what i am asking

When did Democrats get control of the Fed?



the fed can limit the amount of dividend payouts

i dont know the date

The Fed has been doing everything Trump requested, why would they do a sudden 180? Trump appointed the chairman and 4 of the 5 governors but Democrats

trump is often at odds with the fed and its chairman

pick a new angle of nonsense

Trump appointed the Chairman and 4 of the 5 Governors. They are not in the Democrats pockets. Your narrative is full of holes

The only thing they aren’t in line on is that Trump wants negative interest rates for him and his friends

Only in bank stocks and only after stress tests show that it’s necessary for this to be done.

The market is showing signs of weakness because its disassociated from the economy as a whole due to the enormous sums of money the Fed, under Trump’s instructions, has poured into the markets.

So where is this conspiracy idea coming from?

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“Other forces” like the Jews? Sorry, I mean Soros? Trying to figure out where you’re going with this.

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what conspiracy theory?

ive stated no theory

You think other forces will tank the market. Possibly. What forces?