Prediction about the Trump Rally

Listening to the news on the way home, Fox in particular, every one they had on from the Trump campaign was stressing how there would be multiple areas for people to speak, different stages etc… and outdoor gatherings…and screens inside and out so everyone can see everything…

I have a gut feeling Trump isn’t going to spend as much time inside the venue as he normally would. I bet he delivers a good deal of his speech from outside the venue.

God knows I’ve been wrong before, but I am just throwing down this bet.

Let them contract the virus…’murica!

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The rallies usually attract overflow crowds, so many people watch from outside. For example, thousands watched from outside in February in New Hampshire:

My fear is that there are so many people traveling from so many different areas of the country that this event will become a super-spreader event, where infected people return back to their respective hometowns and massive hot-spots emerge. And we won’t see the consequences of this for another several weeks. It is unconscionable what is happening here. Literal life and death of fellow Americans are hanging in the balance so Trump can hold a rally in Oklahoma of all places?


Same for those marching today?

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Good enough for the protestors in our state according to our dem governor.

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Our Democrat governor was encouraging and even attended protests last week in our state. We’re not green. How come that’s ok? Why do Dems not face any of this wrath? Different set of rules for them I guess.


One sad loser said this was her 36th rally, covering 19 states.

Talk about not having a life!

Oh well, cultists are going to cult.


Look at all those masks! That certainly appear to be a protest that was done in an adult manner, unlike the MAGA anti-mask losers.


A cult. It’s time they drank the Kool-aid in Oklahoma.

Ahh, so masks are the cure! Good to know!

Somebody should inform the Oklahoma cultists…


If all of the attendees of the Trump rally are masked and trying to engage in social distancing as well as the protesters you have linked to are, then I will back off of my concerns and applaud them for taking this seriously.

However, look at the forming groups of people in Tulsa already, it appears that masks and social distancing, and even the most rudimentary attempts at keeping safe during the time of this pandemic are not occurring. So I am less than hopeful here.

That said, I am also incredibly concerned about the protesters also spreading this pandemic. It has been a relief seeing preliminary reports than less than 1% are reporting as confirmed cases. Lets all pray that trend holds.

The governor is bumping elbows with someone. That’s what you got from my picture? That’s good social distancing??

No one suggested masks are a cure. But as has been posted here time and time again, they are highly effective in preventing the spread of this virus. Which I would hope would be the goal of ALL Americans, regardless of their political ideology. Wouldn’t you agree?

Fat Donald’s CDC has a message for you…


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Libs are still hiding from the Kung Flu? Holy crap. :rofl:


I have been wearing a mask as required and requested. Not on the golf course though.


Actually, yes. Elbow bumping is extremely safer than hand-shaking. Do you seriously not know this? Did you not watch any of the experts from the Coronavirus Task Force briefings?

Good on you! :facepunch: