Praise God, Don't Blame Him!

I was reading an article today about the devastation in Mexico Beach Florida.

People have lost everything to his natural disaster.

But one guy thinks he deserved it:

Husband Taylor Register said he found nothing but a stool that uses for cutting his hair, a hose and a keepsake rock that was given to him by a friend 40 years ago.

“That’s my belongings,” he said, pointing to a small pile beside his red pickup truck. Choking up, he said: “I appreciate God humbling me. Everybody needs it.”

I can understand someone saying “With God’s strength we’ll pull through.”

But for someone to say, “I appreciate God destroying everything I had and everything everyone else had…”


Corrie ten Boom wrote of being a prisoner in one of the concentration camp. She and her sister led prayer and Bible Studies there. Oddly, they were not bothered by guards. One of the things that Corrie’s sister insisted upon was to thank God for everything. And everything included the fleas that were one of the banes of their existence. Corrie moaned about thanking God for fleas, but as I said, her sister insisted.

Corrie made it out of the concentration camp at the end of the war. Much later in life she met up again with one of the guards. Corrie asked the guard why it was the guards never enforced the rule against prayer and Bible Study. The guard admitted they knew about them breaking this rule. The reason it was permitted? None of the guards wanted to face and endure the fleas in order to put a stop to it.

God can create good out of disaster.

If you really stopped and thought about this story, you’d realize why the logic behind it is ridiculous.


By this logic they could have been shooting dice in the same building and nothing would have been done, as the same fleas would have been there, preventing the same guards from doing anything.

Would have been a more powerful story if the guards had said they didn’t want to face the wrath of God for disallowing the practice.

Just saying.

Once you buy into believing a fairy tale, what else ya gonna do?

I suspect six million corpses would disagree with you.

What about all corpses? Do you feel every single corpse on earth would agree that no good can ever come from any disaster?