@POTUS: 'I think I know more about' NATO than Mattis does

Yeah, I’m sure. It’s probably due to his extensive military and diplomatic experience selling steaks and bogus Trump U classes.

I’m sure he also knows more about military matters than Mattis. And military posters here for that matter.

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At what point do we, as a nation, just stop taking this man seriously? I take his policies seriously, I take what most of his administration says seriously (not Sanders), but why should we continue to take what he says seriously?

we shouldn’t. he’s a massive liar.

i blame howard stern for giving this con man a stage.

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How convenient for him.

I don’t listen to our President anymore.

He’s so full of ■■■■, I cannot take him seriously.

Every lie that come out of his mouth is now hyperbole… I laughed and then I realized you were serious.


Here’s footage proving Trump knows what he’s talking about. Rudy approves.


Hyperbole= lies.
That’s now the standard with these trump cultists.

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This is your standard defence for Trump everytime he says something stupid.

But you have to believe this otherwise the flimsy belief structure you and other so called conservatives/Republicans have created in order to support Trump will come crashing down.

Fat donald never has and never will respect the military.

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Thats quite an understatement.

Literal minded people don’t get Trump at all.

What did you get out of this statement from fat donald?

I think you misspelled sane.


Give me a break.

If it was an insult, it only makes sense if he believes it.

Or, if taken absolutely literally, he just claimed Mattis knows less than nothing, since we all know that that is Donald’s level of knowledge on the matter.

If the latter is the case, I present the following movie quote to Donald as a retort:

“You know nothing. In fact, you know less than nothing. If you knew that you knew nothing, then that would be something, but you don’t.” – Ben Harp

The President’s understanding of things, isn’t an accident. He is smarter and has to contend with those, responsible for the NWO and those who were inadvertently, loyal minions living in the dark, who still believe things they were told by the NWO conspirators.

Judging Trump based on usual methods or beliefs about politicking is being very naive. His enemies know they are busted and they fight tooth and nail to hide the truth of their behaviors.

Ahh the truthers are back


And the liars are still liars.

Is it a surprise?

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Watch for the people in our country who defend trump on this comment. That will tell you a ton about them.

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