Pothole Vigilantes

I didn’t say they were doing anything wrong. I just said I hope they know what they are doing.

Yes, when they are done right. Doing things wrong can be a waste of time, or worse.

did you notice the satisfaction of the townsfolk?

seems they are


theres no indication they are. except from the humiliated mayor

Ok in that case, great - no issues.

wonderful! glad you’re on board with this. i am too

This is how you ruin a post that we all can agree with.

And libs are the divisive :rofl:

What is “lefty lip service community service”? For example, my lefty self helps at homeless shelter and volunteers to teach inner city kids cyber security.

Is filling potholes better?

As I said, cold patch is a temporary fix. That is not how you properly fix a pot hole.

Goobetm3nt always adds useless levels of bureaucracy. And because of gooberment hiring practices, they will hire amateurs if their gender and skin color are needed to fill the unwritten quotas.

I generally agree that government can be bloated and inefficient but try to avoid broadbrushing.

lefties think they are serving the community by allowing guys to use the ladies room/dressing room, or tearing down a statue, etc

your bait to make this personal has failed

it’s not broad brushing

it’s a simple matter of what gets accomplished

Can’t both be true?

Can’t lefties fix potholes and make the community more inclusive? It’s not either or.

You made a positive post, divisive, for no reason at all. Good job.

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Broad brushing only in the sense where it’s implied that all government services are easily replaceable by any Tom, Dick and Harry.

no. it cannot

no they cannot. lefties dont accomplish anything. there’s no selflessness it’s part of their pathology. sure the occasional lefty goes down and scoops soup at the shelter to virtue signal. but like everything else left the result is always opposite of the stated intent

who said anything about “easy?”

seems tom dick and harry are doing a lot better than mommy govt here with potholes

I said implied. If that’s not what anyone implied, nevermind, my bad.

it’s no big deal no worries