Pothole Vigilantes

I love this. These guys go out and actually do real community work. Not lefty lip service community “service.”.

This is a good example of people taking action per ineffective useless govt.

Pardon me for being progressive (actual progressive, not lefty dozens of nonsense pronouns “progressive”) but this is a good example of how people who give a damn about their community make a difference. People in community respond overwhelmingly for them too and fund them

why? because they get the job done. Not sit in govt to feel like kings and queens

Can this attitude be applied on other levels?

So the mayor is concerned. Translation: if they fix 90 potholes for less than $5k, then some connected, campaign supporting contractor can’t get a $100k contract to fix those potholes.



that’s why it’s so “dangerous” to be doing this

a real mayor (ie, non-democrat-like) would praise these people

but HOW DARE YOU offend the king

notice btw that the people sent them money. they took said money and used it to do the job

crazy idea huh?

one wonders gee…why didnt they take a big portion of that and fix potholes in another part of the pestiferous squalor ■■■■■■■■ world and fix their potholes too/instead?

anyway, pay yer taxes lefties


This is obviously great; just hope they know what they’re doing.

F.e. I know nothing about what it takes to properly fix a pothole so I wouldn’t try. If they ■■■■ it up, it’ll. make things worse.

Good on the vigilantes. But cold patch is only a temporary fix.

Still, better than no fix and it should buy time until a more permanent fix can be done. Also, this isn’t scalable. I wouldn’t want these guys fixing a bridge.

Blow torch is required. :wink:

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Yes, a hot patch is more permanent.

better than the alternative…

potholes that jar the steering wheel out of your hands

save us mommy govt


govt knows better! lol

…because the “approved” road crews today do such a great job.

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Couldn’t be any worse than the garbage job already being done. :man_shrugging:

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exactly! the alternative is the status quo which is horrible

question… why doesnt this become a capitalist venture vs the typical faltering govt failure?

dont tell me people dont want to pay for it. the op article proves otherwise

isnt it something how people now rush to defend precious holy mother govt?

i’m old enough to remember when even the stupidest idiots were skeptical of govt, let alone the mere thinking man

what an odd response

are you OK with doing things wrong?

are you ok with doing things?

Actually, nothing to do with gooberment at all, it’s something I’d say any time amateurs try to do a professional job, private or public sector.

what are they doing wrong?