Posts disappearing

I noticed that a significant number of posts in this thread have vanished:

The conversation had gone a little off topic, and it is possible that they were deleted for cause, but there was no notification, either through the notification system, or in the thread.

I was just wondering what happened.

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When a post is in violation of the rules and is reported, the board allows us the option of deleting all responses to said post. Since you’re not supposed to quote violations, and most responses to violations are in the same vein, it’s both easy and fitting to select delete all responses when making a ruling. And it beats sorting through the trash while, hopefully, avoiding those unnecessary responses, knowing they’ll just be deleted anyway.

That makes sense - although the way this new board is formatted and they way the reply function works now (often without including quotes, and chained much farther than on the previous board), many other posts that don’t contain violations can be caught up in the mix.

I’m certainly not trying to tell you guys how to do your jobs, but as far as I can see, something like 50 or 60 posts in that thread ended up being deleted, many of which did not include any quotes at all, let alone quotes of said violations.

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Perhaps, but they were in direct response to the violations or violations themselves.

Again, I’m not trying to step on any toes.

But as far as I understand how this board works, many of those posts may not have been direct responses to violations, but responses to responses to responses to violations, and so on.

I could very well be incorrect about this, but I do not think any of the posts that I responded to in that thread were violations, and I am fairly confident that none of my responses were themselves violations, but at least 10 or so of my posts disappeared.

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I think that’s the one where I deleted a post for a clear and obvios violation . . . and it said there were 148 replies to it. The way I was in it I had a choice to delete all 149 or none.

Oh, I hit one for only 20 or so. Nice work👍

Thank you . . . Thank you

LOL must have been on of my threads I started. I seen where bunch of posts went poof…gone.

LOL must of em was nothing more then insults directed at me and most of my posts was still there…which means I didn’t respond to em.

Both thumbs up guys. :wink:


As hard as it may be for you to process, I’m pretty sure this isn’t about you.

But thanks for trying. I’m sure it’s the “libs” fault.

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