Postal Service problems

Relevant news article, and personal experience:

Whoever is currently heading up the USPS need to be terminated. At fist I thought it was a local, or regional problem, but the linked article is showing it’s national.

Since last year the post office has had vacancies in their workforce, but has been refusing to hire any new employees. It’s reaching the point where the branches don’t even have enough carriers to deliver all the mail every day.

My local branch is missing about 4 full time carriers, and about 10 “subs” or alternates that cover regular carriers days off.

I’m curious to know if anyone has heard any reason on why the usps is refusing to hire new employees. They didn’t even hire any Xmas seasonal help. At least 6 employees were out delivering mail till 9pm Saturday night because a carrier called in and there was no one to cover the route except other carrier as they got done with their assigned route.

Bozeman is in my Region, so until I saw the article from Tennessee I thought it was just a regional issue.

As a mail carrier I can tell you this is all correct.


Out here in the boonies, in order to deliver mail for the USPS, you have to provide and maintain your own vehicle. I hear vehicles are priced starting at stupid these days. :thinking:

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About 20 years ago I used to moonlight with a (newspaper) driver delivery route.
My co-workers and I would buy old minivans famously cheap because of their famously bad for their under-sized transmissions. We’d drive them until the transmission gave out and then sell them by the pound.

In the last 6-8 weeks we started getting mail with an individual’s name that doesn’t and never lived at this address. We are the second owner and the previous owner was a widower and the last names aren’t even close. Besides, we’ve been the current owner for 12 years! We had a home in Maryland for 35 years. Sold it and again, the new owners up there and names don’t match.
Thinking someone has used the address somewhere perhaps for proof of something or trying a title scam we checked the County Clerk office, no activity on our property we’re still the owners thank God. Those scams can cost rightful owners thousands!
So we were routinely marking these mailings “return to sender” and “no one by this name here” and dropping them in the blue box. I took a trip to the Post Office asked to speak to someone so maybe get the Postal Inspector involved and was politely told that “maybe someone made a mistake and it’s a neighbors mail”. So, we know our neighbors, nobody by that name. Did a search of the name, nobody in our community or county!
So the next mailing with a credit card application with this persons name can I fill it out and go buy a car or something? Kidding, this is a strange situation.

They have not had rural delivery in this part of Surry County for years. We have to pick up our mail from P.O. boxes. There is rural delivery in the portion of the county closer to Mount Airy.

But even the people that have delivery have been having issues due to staffing.

That would be Louis De Joy (thanks trump)

Last Christmas I received a letter that was addressed to be delivered to Beechhurst, NY but ended up at my house in Wyoming don’t know how the post office accomplished that

Right now, there is not the support to fire DeJoy. The Board of Governors is currently split 4 Democrat, 4 Republican and 1 Independent. And two of the Democrats have expressed reluctance to fire DeJoy at this point.

It is possible that appointments made to the Board of Governors during 2023 could change that balance. But the law prohibits more than 5 members of one political party on the Board of Governors, so it will be an iffy prospect at best.

public education


I really don’t care who hired whom. Incompetence is incompetence and they need to go.

Beware scams.

We started getting car parts (expensive, $1000 sound system components) delivered to our house. Our address, but a name we never saw before.

And then those parts were charged to our credit card.

(Credit card company cleaned that up right away, and issued new cards. And we returned the items to the various vendors.)

So I’m guessing some ID thief got my card and address, bought the stuff, and mistakenly sent it to my address rather than his.

One item was delivered by FedEx, two by Amazon, one by USPS, and one by UPS.

Point is, those things coming to your house might mean something nefarious is brewing. (MIGHT mean that. Not necessarily so.)

PS: I also get junk mail delivered to my house to Guv Nah. I created a gmail account for this internet moniker, and I gave the first/last name on the account as Guv Nah. So somebody picked that up somewhere and somehow. Maybe I should have Guv Nah buy me a cruise on Viking Cruise Lines. :slight_smile: