Postage requirement for mail-in ballots not a poll tax, federal judge rules

Second link has an embedded link to the Opinion of the Court.

This particular case was in Georgia.

The one thing to take away from this.

A postage stamp is not a poll tax.

I don’t care how many marijuana joints you smoke.

How much cocaine or crack you ingest.

How much meth you ingest.

How much alcohol you ingest.

A postage stamp cannot be magically changed into a poll tax.

A poll tax is a capitation tax, imposed by a government equally upon every person under the jurisdiction of the government.

A postage stamp is a fee for a service.

No matter how many times people try this retardary, the end result will not change.

Just go down and buy the ■■■■■■■ stamp already.

I suppose it could be styled a literacy test. If you can’t come up with 55 cents, then its pretty much established your too ■■■■■■■ stupid to vote. :rofl:

The post office even delivers them to your mail box per this article. They also specifically mention Staples, Walmart and even most major chains of food stores and some banks sell stamps too.

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A person spends more in gas of bus fare to get to a polling place.

I so rarely mail any letters, I usually just buy a single stamp at the Post Office when I want to mail something. :smile:

That is part of what makes this lawsuit so stupid to frankly be frivolous.

Both parties do and advocate for things that are stupid.

This is definitely one of the Democrat’s stupid causes. Just give it up already. :smile:

What has to happen for something to be a poll tax?

The key point is that it has to be a tax, not a fee.

ANY kind of tax could be considered a poll tax if used to disenfranchise. But classically, a capitation tax was used. A capitation tax is a tax imposed equally and directly on every person. Just high enough to prevent the poor from paying it. Generally, there was no legal penalty for non payment, you simply were banned from voting.

Non payment of State or local income tax or property tax cannot be the basis for disenfranchisement either.

Postage is a fee, not a tax. And the Post Office can demand its usual postage to transmit a letter and the State or local elections authority is not responsible for paying that postage.

There are no genuine poll taxes being used anywhere in the United States today.

The “poll tax” issue is instead raised in two very specific ways today.

  1. Postage.

  2. Criminal fines, fees, forfeitures and restitution. (This separate issue is currently under litigation in Florida.)

But there are no other poll tax issues today, except for those two.

If…you can’t afford the stamp…for your vote…your opinion is a burden, not a value to the US. The judge’s ruling is absolutely correct.

I’m not even sure I’d call the criminal fines and fees a poll tax, simply an unfair burden because Florida doesn’t track how much these people owe in any meaningful way.

However maybe that’s the same thing?

What rubbish. It could be argued someone who can’t afford a stamp needs a vote the most.

It’s a pretentions view that the opinions of the poor are a burden on the US. A lot of people have never been in a desperate situation, literally having to use pocket change you have left to eat.

Umm… why could it be argued that way. It seems like that person’s choices have led to bad results. Do you go to the local shelter to find a financial advisor for your 401k?

Once again with the false assumption that people’s choices are wholly independent, occurring in a vacuum.

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Good ruling. With all these proposed registration fees proposed by Biden for firearms, I don’t have any issue with this. If you have a problem with having to pay to exercise a constitutional right to vote, why doesn’t the same hold true for firearms?

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There are alot of factors that determine a person’s state and condition. But the one with the most influence is that person’s behavior and choices.

It is as though the statistical central limit theorem is applicable where the ordinate of a function is the degree of influence that people hold in the outcome of one’s life and the absissa is the range of people measured by their social distance from that person, some influencing against on the left and some influencing positively on the right and the person himself smack dab in the middle.
They are ones with the greatest influence. Sure … some win the lottery, some are hit by lightning, but overall the most influential factor is that person’s decisions.

“pretentious”…and you’re a teacher…amirite? :sunglasses:

Ummm…why is the vote of someone with a 9-5, a family with 2.5 kids, living the American Dream less of a burden than the vote of someone struggling to eat?

It seems this is more of that pretentious nonsense I was just talking about.

How is this analogy supposed to relate to voting?

Yes, viewing the vote of a poor person as a “burden” is INCREDIBLY pretentious.




  1. attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

You’re swerving off topic by trying to make this about me.

The meek shall inherit the earth, @Smyrna. At least that’s what Jesus tells us. Jesus didn’t consider those less fortunate to be a burden. Strange that’s how they were portrayed here:

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Thank you for the detail

How much does it cost to vote in person?


How much were the people who can’t afford a stamp . . . paying prevous to get to polling locations? or possibly getting an absentee ballot?