Post of the Year Nominations

Unofficial awards ceremony to be held 12/31. I know it’s only July, but we have to plan ahead.

My first nomination:
Is @GWH for this brilliant missive.

Concise, precise, a razor. I hope you can all join me in enjoying true art.

I like your long one in that thread about puppies and pee.

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My apologies ma’am, but the awards committee is going to need links and quotes. Remember, we are almost 6 months out.

Would you like to be among those to choose the winner?

I’m torn between his Stormy thread with the 5 year old link and the one showing him pulling the little south American kid’s tooth. We laughed him off the internet for THAT one. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Second thoughts



You did? Strange. I’m still here. “We”. Interesting.

No. I’m not sure what you mean.