Post enumeration surveys reveal a devastating level of failure in the 2020 Census

Eight States, all but one blue, were overcounted. Six States were undercounted.

Florida was clearly robbed of one extra House seat and likely two seats. Texas was robbed of one seat. Minnesota and Rhode Island kept seats they should have lost and Colorado gained a seat it did not deserve.

Delaware was the highest overcount and Arkansas was the highest undercount.

Not only does this distort the House of Representatives and the Electoral College, it will ensure that many billions of dollars are misdirected away from certain States and to other States in a wrong manner.

Additionally, the population of Puerto Rico was significantly overcounted.

And there is absolutely NOTHING we can do to correct this. There is no statutory way to correct a count and a redo in 2023 or 2024 is not plausible. We are stuck with this count, though we know it is catastrophically wrong.

The only thing we can do is for Congress to try to reform the Census Bureau by legislation so this does not happen again in 2030.


IMHO there was a big problem with the Census because of Covid-19. I worked the 2010 Census and it takes a whole bunch of folks working very hard. Here in Central Texas the Census folks had a very difficult time with finding folks that were willing to work. And the speculation here was the fear of contracting Covid.


Considering how these errors would affect the respective political parties, I doubt that the current congress will consider this a problem worth spending time on. Prove me wrong.


It won’t be this Congress anyhow, nor likely the next. Most likely there will be hearings on the subject in the next Congress, but actual legislation would not be likely before the subsequent Congress.

So…our government can’t count, that’s reassuring.

“1 little piggy, 2 little piggies, 375,415,808 little…wait where was I. Screw it, they’ll fix it next decade”


Covid repercussions are going to continue to surface for years.

The hysteria had far more impact than we realize.


Seems to be a widespread problem.

All but one of the states overcounted is a blue state, and all but one of the undercounted states is red.


I’m shocked I tell you…just shocked!

This is the perfect example, clearly displaying, just how ■■■■■■■ corrupt things actually are and Rs…are dufuses. Are there any deniers left? Do you think this is an accident?

Now…ask me if I’d vote for Trump again?


If you often get the wrong amount of change from a clerk and nine out of ten times it is not in your favor, are you paranoid to be suspicious that there may be something other than chance involved?


When incompetence is built in, which is the nature of government, these things are to be expected. It also provides cover for malicious activity.


they can’t count the number of people, but comrade Joe got MILLIONS of more votes than Trump…

the house and senate are going to swing republican? history?!?

we can’t count people… this will be a historic sweep for the leftists!!!

a right to a gun is NOT a right to bullets

you can count on your government


They sure can count to 87,000 new IRS agents though. :thinking:


Have you seen their armed agent training videos? Keystone cops level.


Their boots even come with extra Kiwi.


Except for the Senate, it looks like Democrats got their extra state after all, only it is a virtual state with real congressional representation.

They’ll end up hiring 870 agents, but paying the salary of 870,000 agents.


My goodness Safiel, you are worried about "billions of dollars are misdirected away from certain States and to other States in a wrong manner " when the very purpose of having the census was to determine each state’s number of representatives, and, each state’s fair share of a total sum being collected by a direct tax to meet federal exigencies . The two formulas being:

States’ population
---------------------------- X SUM TO BE RAISED = STATE’S FAIR SHARE
Total U.S. Population

And . . .

State`s Pop.

------------------- X House size (435) = State`s No. of Representatives
U.S. Pop.

Tell me, Safiel, why are you so concerning about a fair apportionment of each state’s number representatives, but not concerned in the least that each state pays its fair apportioned share when it comes to taxation?


“The apportionment of representation and taxation by the same scale is just; it removes the objection, that, while Virginia paid one sixth part of the expenses of the Union, she had no more weight in public counsels than Delaware, which paid but a very small portion” 3 Elliot’s 41

I think the plural of dufus should be dufi.


to say nothing of the senator from California

Trump was in charge of the Census.