Post-Debate Poll: Harris rises into double digits, Biden remains heavy favorite

Politico/Morning Consultant did a national poll right after the two debates, and here’s what they found:

Joe Biden - 33% (38% from June 24th poll)
Bernie Sanders - 19% (unchanged)
Kamala Harris - 12% (7% before)
Elizabeth Warren - 12% (11% before)
Pete Buttigieg - 6% (7% before)

Everybody else registered under 4% in the poll.

It looks like Harris got the big bump, and was the only candidate who experienced any real movement.

Harris also received 2 million dollars worth of campaign donations within 24 hours.

Harris has a few more good debates and she will be up by Sanders.and Biden will drop

I can name 19 candidates who think, Fake News.

biden will not be the nominee.

Please, please, please let it be kamala. (It won’t be her either) But please, please, please…

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I’m pretty comfortable with all of the above. They’re a hoot!

She enjoyed a bump but no where near battle tested, pressure tested.
She hasn’t yet enjoyed a healthy serving of her dirt and crap.

Mayor Pete is getting bogged down with the shooting incident. The party is going too far left and Biden doesn’t have the strength to make the case against it. Harris waffles. The only good thing is that Warren has more excitement among liberals than Bernie. I liked Bill Maher’s segment running down a list of ten people who need to drop out immediately. Tim Ryan didn’t even run against Pelosi to be speaker after chirping to the media, now he wants to be president?

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