Post Capitalist US

What would a post capitalist US look like?

Much like it has looked the past twenty years at least.

Capitalist, socialist, communist, neolithic, whatever. The same existential problems still prevail.

The US has been post capitalist for 20 years? Since 2000?

What precipitated that?

A fascist one, most likely.

Why do you say that?

We are seeing the collapse and decay of the dollar, some economists are predicting a 20% decline. We have printed ourselves into oblivion.

I had mentioned on this forum a year ago we would see negative interest rates some aid that would never happen they’re already here in some US treasuries.


Jan 6th proved how close we are to falling to a far right ultra nationalist dictator who has a complete disregard for democratic elections. The next one like him to come along that isn’t so overtly crazy seems likely to succeed.


It’s kind of nuts to think that if the GOP controlled the House they might have handed the election to Trump.

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3 hours of rednecks wandering around the lobby got you spooked that bad?


Longer, actually, but it only truly actualized itself post 9/11.

Neo-Feudalism…only without the feudal lords even doing the duties that were required of them under the feudal system.


Please go on, this is interesting.

No. It’s the millions who STILL support that man.

So you think they’ll create a fascist state. Got it. Can they stand up to the military?

No, the military would have to go along with it. Do you think his support in the military is better than 50%?

I don’t know.

The military, or 50% of it, is going to help the rednecks establish a fascist state the next time a republican is elected. Got it.

What about their actions on Jan 6th was fascist?

Got any idea who in the military would lead this putsch?

No, not just any Republican or Democrat, either trump or somebody like him (regardless of party) that is bent on destroying the electoral system in order to keep power. We’ve seen it almost happen and millions are still OK with it. The disregard for democratic elections is the first overt sign of fascism.

Well, I didn’t say anything about Democrats. Do you think it’s even possible for a democrat to establish a fascist state?

Let’s take Trump out of the equation for a minute. We’ll say he’s locked up in NY like I was promised.

Who do you think could do it on the republican side?

Did we see it almost happen? The first overt sign of fascism? Where do you get that? It’s not in any of my manuals.

What would the US economy look like in this post capitalist era?