Possible strategy for withholding impeachment as an "insurance policy"

I have been trying to understand the logic of rushing through with the impeachment articles in the name of national emergency and then sitting on them. One explanation is that Democrats are hoping for some new evidence to pop up and then move the impeachment to trial with demands for more investigations.

Here is another scenario where it may make sense for Democrats in the House to delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate until after the November election. Here are the assumptions:

  1. Trump wins reelection

  2. Democrats regain control of the Senate

Under this scenario, the Senate could potentially launch a two-year show trial against Trump even with no new evidence. If the House sends the articles shortly before the new congress takes office, the scenario could occur even if Republicans regain control of the House. If this combination does not occur and/or new evidence does not appear, then Democrats may never send the articles to the Senate.

Does this strategy make sense?

Or is it too farfetched to be considered?

Libs are beginning to realize just how stupid a move this was. It’s costing them in public support and in political donations. They realize now, that if they don’t do something to turn this whole sham around, they’ll lose the House in 2020. What do they do…hold on to it as if this gives them some sort of leverage against the Senate?

“Stupid is…as stupid does.”

seems a reasonable theory. but it’s a gamble. it doesnt look like this gave them any advantage

regardless you can be sure whatever they are planning it is underhanded and purely partisan political.

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Yes, Democrats appear to be looking for any parliamentary trick to gain political advantage.

Over time this is becoming more obvious to the average voters, so it is likely to backfire.


Do you have any evidence that Impeachment is hurting the Democrats (or the “libs”) in terms of support or donations? Republicans have suggested this would happen from the beginning of the process but the data do not seem to be there to support this assertion.

Do you have any proof if this or is this just… like… your opinion, man.

They’re waiting because:
McConnell and Graham flatly stated that they had no intention of being impartial or fair- I’m sure they both regret saying that out loud now- It was very stupid of them.

They know new evidence is coming.

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Yep, we have had one “bombshell” after another for over three years, but they all end up being duds:

We’ll see.

I wonder if Idiot Nunes is running around the chamber going “CrowdStrike!!!” and “Where’s the whistleblowers testimony?? Why not the Bidens, oh the Bidens!!!”

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Hmmmmmm…maybe you’re observing lib reflections in the political mirror?

She’ll be comin round the mountain when she comes…:sunglasses:


I think pelosi might be waiting to see how the first few states vote. If biden is beat and someone else jumps out to an early lead, she’ll turn it over to the Senate and let them go after the corrupt bidens.

If biden wins the early states she’ll hold onto it to try and protect biden from any possible subpeonas.

That’s about as deep as the basis for lib impeachment. :sunglasses:

Biden could ignore the subpoenas.

That’s what is “in” right now.

There is no evidence. In fact, the Democratic field more than doubled the donations received versus the incumbent Trump*, which is virtually unheard of in modern election times. See 2004 and 2012 as the most recent examples, where the incumbent outraised the challenger field.

*3rd Impeached President of the United States

Nope they DID say it.

Nothing is too far fetched when it comes to this seditious bunch of SOB Dem/Socialists in Congress as they are literally verging on full frontal treason so nothing is beyond them! :roll_eyes:

They are using the “asterisk” of impeachment as a political weapon as they are mentally ill with TDS and also suffer the memory of a gnat forgetting that impeachment actually helped Clinton and it’s now helping President Trump. So who cares :woman_shrugging: why they do it, let em go, let them drag this out, let them add a gazillion asterisk’s by President Trumps name to the point they self destruct and drive themselves out of office.

Dems are driven to make history and don’t care if its bad history so they are setting up “impeachment” as a winning for America strategy against the bloated bureaucratic corruption and tyranny of Government for future Presidential candidates to use. :roll_eyes:


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