PORTLAND PAYBACK: ICE Says Mayor ‘Created a ZONE OF TERROR’ Around Immigration Agents | Sean Hannity

The employee union behind the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency claimed the mayor of Portland created a “zone of terror” around the department’s offices this week; adding he turned control of the city over to an “angry mob.”

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  1. Wouldn’t it be logical to start with the mayor and arrest him?
  2. Then go to tent #1 and ask for ID. Then issue a ticket? If ID is not shown in a cooperative way then you just arrest them?
  3. Then next tent… You bring a K9 officer for protection. Have an EMT standing by with bandages.
  4. A box van and an officer to impound the tent.
  5. Then tent 3,4,5…
    Not sure I understand why this is so difficult. If owner of tent is not present. impound tent anyway. If the savages start smearing poop everywhere you get a firehouse and hose them off. Hold them all in a gym until they pay bail then you bus them to the Dalles and let them walk home. Is this difficult?