Portland Goon arrested for bombing the courthouse

Congrats to the feds for being able to track down and I.D. this imbecile. He was identified by a tactical vest gifted to him by his grandmother. Nice work grandma! D’s and R’s should be able to agree that this peaceful protester should spend many moons in the clink. And in another heartwarming story, 8 maniacs in Pittsburgh were indicted on charges of throwing IED’s and bricks at cops. Put em in the hole! :grin:


he was charged with arson.

He faces up tp 20 years in prison. I would be happy with 15. How about you?


They should add federal and state terrorism charges, consecutive sentences for each offense.

By the time he gets out he should either be in a walker or a wheelchair.

Well he has to be convicted. No small task in Portland.

Change of venue.

I certainly hope so. His ACLU supplied legal team will fight it. I would like to see him Tried in Texas.

They can fight it but it would not be much of a task for a first year law student to prove a change of venue is needed.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

As with all cases.

Right now we have no idea what evidence the prosecution has other than the video but if he’s guilty I think he should be made an example of along with anyone else they can identify that is responsible for these attacks.

Right now the rioters, looters, and assaulters feel like they are bullet proof and we need to change that.

Until there are dire consequences for these people attacking monuments, federal buildings, cops, and federal officers it’s only going to get worse.


They never changed venue for Tsarnaev and he actually inflicted massive damage.

And? The two cases are really in no way similar.

Portland is an extremely friendly environment for these terrorists.

The point is that change of venue is extremely difficult to get.


Because of the nationwide press and outrage over the Boston Bombing there was no place in the country where you could argue they could get a more fair trial than right in Boston.

That is not the case here.

I thought a request in change of venue was reserved for the defense to ensure the accused gets a fair trial. Does it extend to the prosecution?

I’m not sure, I thought it worked both ways in federal cases.

It does not.

The Constitution provides the defendant the right to be tried in the district the offense was committed, and only the defendant can waive that right.

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TY. Learn something new every day or try to.

Let’s go to Portland and protest guys. It is so peaceful.

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Indeed. A Portland jury acquitted Ammon Bundy and his cohorts.

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