Portland Deserves Everything That Happens

If they elect this nut job Mayor

Portland’s pro-Antifa mayoral candidate, Sarah Iannarone, is being questioned about a tweet she posted in 2016 that included an image of a ballot with figures such as Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, and Ho Chi Minh as write-ins, KOIN-TV reported.

…she “shared a picture of someone else’s ballot celebrating Black women like Angela Davis and Assata Shakur.”

Angela Davis is an activist who was acquitted of kidnapping, murder and conspiracy charges in the 1970s, then ran as Vice President on the Communist Party ticket and later became a professor at the University of California Santa Cruz.
Assata Shakur is a convicted killer of a New Jersey state trooper who later escaped from prison and was added to the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list.

Elections have consequences. They deserve what they elect.

Democracy is messy, but you know where she stands and can vote accordingly. This country is great because she is allowed to run, even if she is crazy

We had a crazy GOP county clerk get elected here. Fun times.

Was he rioting and setting buildings on fire :fire: :wink:

Not to worry. If Biden wins and the Dems take the Senate, Portland gets recompensed for every bit of damage they allowed to happen with the countries tax dollars.

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And dissolve their police department replacing it with “behavioral representatives” and social workers. Utopia realized!

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It’s going to be awesome!!

Free ■■■■ everywhere, as far as the eye can see!!

Just like with Obama! What did you get?

Man that takes me back. I went to school in Portland and I didn’t know we were Antifa at the time but had more than a few tussles with skinheads. They was around the time Tom Metzger was on trial and the whole town was full of White Aryan Resistance. Good times!

I got this shirt a few months ago to wear around, mostly to screw with people when I’m at the store lol. Quite a few double takes :slight_smile:


What a great choice between this nutjob and nutjob 2 Ted Wheeler. How long will the sane citizens of Portland put up with this? Are there really that few sane people living there, that they can not stop this absolute craziness that’s tearing apart their city?