PORK PROTEST: Mexico to Impose HUGE TAX on US Pig Products

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/pork-protest-mexico-to-impose-huge-tax-on-us-pig-products/

Mexican authorities announced Tuesday their decision to impose a stiff tariff on US pork products; slamming the American pig industry with a hefty 20% tax in retaliation to President Trump’s recent tariff on North American steel and aluminum.

Officials in Mexico City unveiled the proposal in recent days, saying the tax would apply to US-produced pork legs and shoulders, which equate to approximately 90% of the nation’s $1 billion worth of American-made products.

"It’s a 20 percent (tariff) on legs and shoulders, fresh and frozen … with bones and without bones,” said one of Mexico’s top pig producers.

Both Mexico and Canada unveiled the new round of tariffs against the United States this week, slamming President Trump over his decision to tax North American steel products.

The Trump administration has signaled its willingness to reconsider the trade barrier, citing upcoming NAFTA negotiations as a key factor in whether they will repeal the tariff.