Poor training and indecisive jr. officers

Upon review it seems that the Navy doesnt do the kind of ojt for their jr. officers that they did in my day. Back then no Captain that I served under would give up the bridge to anybody unable to handle the job. My boss, went from Ensign and Lt. JG on a fairly new destroyer to SACEUR. Good guy, Jim Stavridis.

I frankly don’t know how we will turn around the culture that has led to such a mess in the Navy.

Not merely a lack of competence.

But a lack of ethics as well that has led to massive scandals such as Fat Leonard.

I years of liberalizing the US Armed forces where things like diversity take precedence over qualifications and competence.

Hell the FAA has been hiring inferiorly trained ATC’s over more qualified candidates for the same reason for several years now.

…but…but…“diversity is our strength”.