Pompeo wont let state department officals testify

Every day it gets crazier.

It’s another whistleblower. Whistleblower 2: Electric Boogaloo


Then again, some people know the normal way these things are handled… Ask for voluntary cooperation first, then subpoena when the cooperation doesn’t materialize.

Volker donated to Clinton and is a Dem his whole life!!!

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If Congress issues a subpoena first, the witness complains and says “I would have come in willingly, you didn’t have to issue a subpoena”

So, what is the fuss then? They asked for voluntary cooperation and were told no.

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That would be Whistleblower 3 Rappin aka Breakdance 3: Electric Boogalee as 2 was from the IRS complaint about Trump ordering them to illegally withhold tax information. That just did not get much attention because it happened about same time as 1.

And now they will issue a subpoena… The courts will see that they asked for voluntary cooperation but were denied… Rather than litigate every single objection, the court will typically issue a broad opinion requiring compliance with the subpoena. It should be noted, the courts will then consider violation of their order as a violation of a COURT order, not a congressional subpoena… Courts don’t have the conundrum that congress has… they have marshals and federal holding facilities at their disposal…


Who gives a ■■■■ what he wants. Lol

So what? Despite what they may think of themselves they aren’t Gods and they’ve lost credibility via their incessant grasping at straws.

I wouldn’t show up either. If I want to see a circus, I’ll buy tickets.

They are free to not show up and face a federal judge for defying his order… Sleep tight…

An order, hmmm? You claimed it was voluntary.

Is it understood that voluntary is mandatory these days?

Narrator: and no one gave a ■■■■ what Pompeo wanted.

Opinions change.



I wonder what polls will say after trump stymies the dimocrats and their corrupt media partners yet again??


Noted for posterity.


But who’s going to believe anything he has to say??


Bring on the traitor and all of their confederates.




Why wouldn’t they?