Pompeo wont let state department officals testify

If they dont show up the house should lock them up. immediately


The House Chairman might want to try issuing subpoenas first.

And stop trying to deny them legal counsel second.

To start with.



You’d think that a house Committee Chairman and their staff would know that if you want to compel testimony, you need to issue subpoenas.


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It is standard practice to politely ask, first - and then subpoena if they refuse.

Don’t worry, the subpoenas are coming.

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Obstruction of justice.

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So they asked politely first??


I’m not worried. Bring it on. Impeach away.

We’ll see what happens.


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You didn’t read Pompeo’s letter either??


House dems simply want a defacto waiver of the release of classified documents and a waiver of all constitutional privileges or it is obstruction of justice. What a bunch of hogwash. When did they become the central committee of the soviets?

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He’ll say it, the chances of it working are slim and none and slim left town.

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I’m sorry what do you think declaring an impeachment inquiry means exactly?

What witnesses on the Democratic Party side? “Oh, you can’t talk to him. He has a right to keep hidden”. And that’s their only witness, and I use the term loosely.


399 days to go then the fun reaaaaaaly begins

It may…but you are not in the senate voting.

Pelosi is afraid of a vote in the house…now she has to have one.

All because they know Trump wins in 2020.

Bring it.


You’re funny.

I’m honest

Every time Trump or Barr or Pompeo try to contact foreign leaders, Democrats are havng a fit. Look at the basis for the impeachment inquiry. Look at the fake represntation of “pressure” on Australia by the NYTs, look at the concern of the Secretary of State going to a foreign country. Look at getting a court to demand records of conversations to all foreign countries.
And…what is at the center of the inquiry on the beginning of the Russian/Campaign collusion conspiracy theory investigaton? Involvement with these countries.
Someone, as I said, is getting very nervous lest the DOJ finds out what was going on…i.e. the truth.

This is the correct response to Pompeo’s obstruction.

Shots fired. :us:


Defy every request from the House Dems.

End the witch hunt.