Pompeo Tries Starting 'Snapback' Clock To Restore Sanctions Against Iran By U.N

After getting humiliated last week at the Security Council, Pompeo is back to double down. Last week the entire Security Council (except for that mighty power house the Dominican Republic) essentially told the United States to ■■■■ off and die in regards to re-implementing sanctions. Russian and China voted no, the remaining members of the Security Council including the United Kingdom, France and Germany abstained and only the Dominican Republic joined the United States in voting yes.

So Pompeo has informed the council he is invoking the “snap-back” portion of the agreement that allows one of the parties to the agreement to force re-implementation of sanctions.

Just one teeny flaw in that plan.

Trump took the United States out of the agreement. We have no legal standing to invoke the snap-back provision of an agreement that we are no longer a party to.

I suspect the Security Council is again going to tell the United States to ■■■■ off and die. Or they may just tell us to get bent. :smile:

To sum this up to a concise point for Mr. Trump:

Dear Mr. Trump:

You cannot exit a deal and yet still be part of it.

Good luck getting France and UK to support you.

Hey, he may get the Dominican Republican to vote yes again. :smile:

wow real coalition of the winning.

Another attempt to control the news cycle.

It is bonkers that the official policy of the US government is to invoke provisions in an agreement that the US Government left.

Amateur hour.

What is the basis for Pompeo wanting to reinstate the sanctions on Iran?

I am surprised this story is not getting more attention.

The Trump administration is truly amateur hour when it comes to global politics.

It is embarrassing to see the US reduced to this level.

Is anyone else getting tired of all this winning??

Hopefully President Biden can get us a seat at the big kids table after he gets inaugurated

Maybe Pompeo needed to throw some paper towels.

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